Thinking about sending a card? How about some deluxe sweets or candy instead?

Hello fellow sweets fan,

Let's face it- we all love deluxe sweets and candy whether we're gazing at a Strawberry Cheesecake at a pastry shop or choosing between which candy bar to buy from the vending machine. We also love to make others smile so why not make someone happy by making or sending them a deluxe sweet or gourmet dessert? There are many different occasions in which we can be encouraging, show our love, give our attention, show our appreciation, wish success and so on.grapr

  • Grandma always asks for a
    phone call or card in the mail. Why not send her some deluxe sweets like a 
    box of cookies to her doorstep instead or both?
  • Surprise your husband or boyfriend with a gumball machine decorated with his favorite team's logo and colors.
  • Or learn how to make succulent chocolate covered strawberries for your girlfriend or wife.
  • Find great sweets and candy recipes here to create homemade chocolate covered apples for teacher gifts.
Grapefruit Ice Cream by

We love making homemade sweets. Our site has so many delicious treats to please those special people in your life or even your own taste buds. We are adding new ideas all the time, looking for high quality recipes with only the best ingredients. All of the recipes you will find here are easy enough to make for anyone for all skill levels in the kitchen. 

Also check out our recommendations for some of the best online candies and desserts to buy. Have fun and thank you for visiting!



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