4th of July
Rice Crispy Treats

4th of July Rice Crispy Treats

Our 4th of July Rice Cripsy Treats are too cool! They are covered in colored white chocolate and cut out in the shapes of the Statue of Liberty, eagles, stars and the American flag look so good you may not want to eat 'em. BUT if you did you'e be glad you did. Take these to your holiday barbeque and they're sure to be a hit. Be the talk of the party. Carry them in an airtight container or package them in large cellophane bags and tie them off with ribbons.

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There are many different decorations styles you could choose, but these are the ones we chose for our 4th of July rice crispy treats. We imposed the American flag on the stars and the Statue of Liberty and kept the eagles simple with some messages and borders lined with gold sugar pearls. We added extra flavor to some of the treats by mixing in M&Ms®.

Rice crispy treats are such a yummy treat, I've loved them ever since I was a kid, but as an adult I can make them whenever I want. Coating them with chocolate is just a way to improve their taste. Decorating with chocolate allows you the flexibilty to create more details rather than using frosting and tastes better than any icing you could use.

Note: if you would like to add even more flavor then consider stirring in candy flavorings like we do with many of our other decorated rice crispy treats. Check out how we made these 4th of July party favors.

4th of July Party Favors: Rice Crispy Treats

Ingredients for 4th of July Party Favors Rice Crispy Treats

  • 6 Cups Sugar-Coated Crisped Rice Cereal
  • 3 Tablespoons of Butter (sticks)
  • 1 Bag of Mini Marshmallows (10 oz bag)
  • 1 Package per Color of Merckens® or Wilton's® Chocolate Coating Wafers (12 oz.)- Green, Yellow, Red, White and Blue

Extra Supplies for Making and Decorating 4th of July Party Favors

  • Statue of Liberty, Star, Eagle, Flag Cookie Cutters
  • Medium or Large Plastic Sauce Squeeze Bottles (one per color)
  • Zipper, Resealable Plastic Bags
  • Rubber Spatula

Directions for 4th of July Party Favors Rice Crispy Treats

1. Prepare baking dish. Spray baking dish and set aside. Measure and set cereal in large mixing bowl and set aside.

2. Butter and Marshmallows. Melt butter in sauce pot on low heat. Once the butter start to melt add the bag of marshmallows. Stir with wooden spoon or plastic spoon.

3. Candy Flavoring. Once marshmallows are completely melted and in liquid form remove from heat. Add one drop of peppermint candy flavoring and stir well.

More on Candy Flavorings and Mixed in Candy

Candy flavorings are oil based and come in tiny glass bottles. You can find these at Michael's ® or local baking stores like D and G Occasions here in Orlando. This store is phenomenal! You'll find everything there; it's where I get most of my cookie cutters too. The best variety of candy flavorings can be found on the internet. For these 4th of July I would recommend cherry or apple. The flavors go well with a theme, but feel free to choose your own flavors. I like to mix in candy to the cereal mix to add more flavors and extra texture to create a contrast the “bite experience”. This extra biting element makes the overall enjoyment of eating the treat, kind of like biting into raisins in cereal. Not to mention the combination of white coating on the rice crispy treats and milk chocolate from the M&Ms® makes a good contrast of flavors of sweet and semi-sweet. Here are some other examples below of both candy flavorings and mixed in candy.

Candy Flavorings:

  • Cherry, bubble gum, grape, raspberry, mango, root beer, key lime and many more!

Mixed in Candy:

  • M&Ms®. They are great to mix into the cereal and marshmallow mixture to enhance the taste and add an extra texture to bite into. They are one of my favorite candies to use in deluxe rice crispy treats. The hardness gives a contrast of texture and a powerful taste that gives your palate a different experience to enjoy other than the sweetness of the white chocolate.

4. Combine Melted Marshmallows and Crisped Cereal. Pour marshmallow mix from sauce pot into cereal in large bowl. (Optional) You can mix in candy like gummies, M&Ms® for extra flavor and to add another texture to your rice crispy treats. Sinking your teeth through the crisped cereal then biting into the gummy candies or hard-shelled mini chocolates is like biting into raisins in your breakfast cereal. Create a well in the mix and drop the gummy candy (or the candy you've chosen) inside. Spray wooden spoon with cooking oil and stir well.

5. Press Crisped Cereal Batter into Baking Sheet. Press mix into large baking sheet with sides then place in refrigerator for about 15-20 minutes to harden faster. This step will also make it easier to shape the treats with the cookie cutter.

6. 4th of July Cookie Cutter. Remove from refrigerator and press 4th of July cookie cutter into mix. Use left-over mix to press into cookie cutter in order to top off treats. Stuff as much mix into the cookie cutter for each rice crispy treat. The fuller the treat, the easier it will be to cover in chocolate and the more uniform each one will be. Set treats on tray and keep aside for the time being.

7. Melt Chocolate. Now it's time to melt the chocolate. And here's my NEW easy way of doing it. It makes everything easier by saving time and eliminating lots of cleaning. What more do you want? You will use the microwave. Choose one color at a time. Place half the package in a zipper-type plastic bag. Warm up chocolate for one minute on 50% in the microwave. Remove and press the chocolate with your fingers working the chocolate. If soft and liquid go to next step, if not repeat the steps, but in 15-second intervals. (Make sure to reset power each time to 50%.)

8. Plastic Squeeze Bottles. Now we will transfer the chocolate into the plastic squeeze bottles. Cut off an end of the plastic bag and place into the squeeze bottle. Squeeze out the chocolate into the bottle. Repeat melting steps with both colors before proceeding to next decorating step.

TIP 1: To keep chocolate warm and liquid pour some water into a wide mug or large cup, then place bottle inside. Then place the glass in the pot of warm water.

TIP #2: I have a separate, individual burner. I keep it closer to my work area on top of a heatproof surface like a cutting board. This way I don't have to walk back and forth to the stove.

9. Decorate Rice Crispy Treats. Squeeze the chocolate onto treats. Work with one treat at a time. These squeeze bottles will make life easier. There are different techniques you can use. You can either use create details with chocolate like borders, messages or necessary lines. Or I use candy decorations either to improve the treats attractive presentation like red colored sugar on a red surface or as an actual design like sugar pearls for crown points. Adding any of these decorations must be applied to wet chocolate so they adhere to the treat.

Decorating Techniques

I focus on two different techniques. I prefer either applying different candies or using the sauce bottles to create chocolate details. Here are some recommendations:

  • Use mini M&Ms®, different colors of sugar crystals, other small hard candies, sprinkles or non-pareils.
  • Sprinkle Nerds® on top, these are very tart and taste and their shape resembles tiny stones. Their crunchy characteristic and tangy taste add more flavors and something extra to bite into.
  • Use different colors of chocolate to create stars, lines, dots, swirly lines, etc.

TIP: Color your own sugar crystals using liquid food coloring. Pour in some large, granulate sugar crystals; I use turbinado, into small, resealable plastic bags. Scoop up some food coloring with toothpick and drop into the bag. Work with your fingers until all sugar changes color.

10. Packaging. Place the treats in cellophane bags and tie off with a ribbon.


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