Saying "I am sorry," is hard, but let the candy do it's magic.

I am sorry, can help bridge the gap between a rough time and a moment of peace and reconciliation. The words are simple, but hard to utter for fear of becoming vulnerable or perhaps just for feeling ashamed for what we did. There are many different occasions and people to whom we have said and will say, "I am sorry," and I have listed a few below along with some gift ideas to help ease the pain and stress between you and the other party. Whatever the situation is I hope you can work things. The gifts here are some of my suggestions will help show the people you love that it's time to just move on. :)

Mound of Chocolate Truffles

"I am sorry" to your Girlfriend or Wife

Maybe you said something you regret, perhaps you did something you wish you hadn't possiblity you forgot to do something very important or just aren't paying as much attention to them as they deserve. Now here's your chance to mend the wounds.

  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries or Cherries have that magical combination of beauty and taste, elegant dark chocolate protecting the delicate, plump strawberry or cherry on the inside. These are a more deluxe and romantic choice than most sweets and will be sure to get her attention to show that
    you really do care. You can buy some high quality chocolate covered strawberries or cherries online or even check this recipe to make a homemade gift to help say, "I am sorry," to her chocolate covered strawberry recipe.
  • Chocolate Truffles are paradise for chocolate lovers. The moist rich chocolate on the inside is too hard to resist. They can be covered in all diffent types of toppings from coconut to sprinkles to nuts. They also can be matched with different flavors, vanilla, raspberry, strawberry and so on. Chocolate truffles are also a more elaborate, deluxe dessert gift for her that will quench her appetite for sweets. Maybe that will ease the tension- at least a little. You can order these online and soon I will provide a recipe to make a her batch as a gift.

Pink Saltwater Taffy

"I am sorry" to your Boyfriend or Husband

Maybe you've spent a lot of time at work and haven't given him a lot of attention, perhaps you've gotten so wrapped up with your friends catching up with their lives that you haven't gone out with him enough, or maybe even you said something out of
anger that you knew hurt him- and worse yet, maybe he didn't say anything and is hurting wondering if you will even acknowledeable his pain. Then along with a nice, warm-felt apology in a letter or card you could consider adding one of these deluxe sweet gift ideas.

  • Saltwater Taffy has a sweet, fruity flavor that provides that sugar rush boost. He can have one or a whole bunch. He loves getting them on vacation at the boardwalk by the beach. Well, he's not at the beach so bring the beach to him. This is definitely a not-your-everyday, unique gift for him. You can say, "I am sorry," by buying an order with his favorite flavor or with multiple flavors. Ordering a box online makes this gift idea just a few clicks away to buy and have delivered to his office or back to the house.
  • Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans give him two things he likes at one time: coffee and a snack. This is definitely a great out-of-the-ordinary gift for him and extraordinary is what you will need to show him you care and you didn't mean to hurt him. You can order a bag of regular chocolate covered coffee beans or even espresso beans online, not to mention some gourmet chocolate covered nuts. You can even try a recipe to make a homemade gift chocolate covered coffee beans recipe- it's easy to make!

Peach Pie

"I am sorry" to Parents

So you haven't stopped by in awhile, maybe you haven't even called for some time, you don't want them to feel that you don't care or are paying attention to them. Don't you think it's time you do something about it? Say "I am sorry" for not keeping in touch with a delicious deluxe sweet. Below are some suggestions to send them a pleasant surprise gift.

  • Pies are a great after dinner deluxe dessert that will last for more than one night. There are many delicious fruit flavors for pies you could choose to make them a homemade gift and then drop by and delivery it to them personally to say "I am sorry" for not coming by more often. Most people like apple pie so check out this link apple pie recipe or check out the pie page from this site for other flavors. You can even substitute other fruits not mentioned for apples such as peach. Of course another great idea would be to have a pie delivered from an online store accompanied with a note saying you're coming by soon to visit.
  • Fruit of the Month is a great idea to send them something monthly to remind them you're thinking of them all the time. Their are some great online stores in Florida that deliver fresh fruit from the great Sunshine State to their doorstep.

Cookie Cake

"I am sorry" to Grandparents

You haven't sent them a card let alone stop by and had dinner. Grandma or Grandpa spends many nights alone and wishes you would pay a visit or at least call. Maybe it's just time you went over. If you live far away or you just want to send a surprise gift check out some of these gift ideas.

  • Cookies are a great deluxe dessert that can make a great snack while they are watching TV or just relaxing on the porch. You can give them a batch of their favorite flavor or mix of many great flavors. There are some great online stores where you could buy one order or make them members of the "Cookie of the Month" club to remind them of your love throughout the year. You could also check out this link to make them a homemade gift cookies recipe.
  • Gourmet Hot Cocoa mix whether it's pure dark chocolate, milk chocolate or it has a hint of peppermint. Say "I am sorry" with this gift, it will last a long time. It's great for a morning "pick-me-up" or a hot cup in the evening will help them relax while watching a movie or the local news. Be sure to pick a flavor that is not easily found in local stores. Check out some online stores.

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