Flavored Christmas Rice Crispy Treats Covered in Chocolate and Peppermint Bark

Happy Holidays everyone!

Looking for an original recipe invented by Deluxe-Sweets-and-Candy-Gifts.com that everyone is raving about?

Well, in this month's edition I will bring you some new recipes that I have only made for a few people and weeks after that tasted them, they are still coming up to me talking about how good they are.

I will also answer a candy-making question from a visitor, give you your Christmas Gift, a free downloadable pictorial recipe on how to make gourmet filled chocolates like the ones that come in a decorative box, provide you with a discount for some gourmet Holiday treats and then open the floor to any other candy gift or candy-making questions you may have.

First for the free gift...

Pictorial Recipe Ebook

Here's your Christmas Gift...

Impress your girlfriend, wife, your children's teachers, co-workers, friends, whomever. Learn how to make gourmet filled chocolates with this free downloadable ebook. Great for the Holidays or Valentine's Day. Yes, you can get this off our site, but now you can save it to your computer.

To receive your free ebook just click this link below.
Gourmet Filled Chocolates Pictorial Recipe.

This link will direct you to the web page that contains the download. You will need to insert the password "chocolateebooks" (without the quotation marks) to enter the page. You will see where to download the PDF file from there. There are other digital gifts on this same page if you haven't already picked them up before.

Learn to Make Flavored, Chocolate Covered Christmas Rice Crispy Treats:
-Shaped like Candy Canes, Christmas Trees, Snowmen or Reindeer

The best tasting Rice Crispy Treats you've ever had. I guarantee it! Everyone I've taken them too absolutely loves them!

Some are flavored with real peppermint and all are covered in chocolate, either white chocolate or milk chocolate. Each is shaped and decorated beatifully.

Learn how to make these treats and be the talk of the party or create them as gifts. Everyone will talk about them and how much talent you have as a baker.

Check out why these Christmas Rice Crispy Treats are such a hit. You will not be able to take just one bite. I wouldn't say that if I didn't mean it.

Peppermint Bark Hearts

Peppermint Bark Hearts

So keeping with the theme of chocolate and peppermint. If you love these flavors as much as I do then consider making this easy but gourmet sweet.

Great for parties or even as a snack. It will take you no time to make and definetly no time to eat.

Make it with either any kind of chocolate white, dark or milk, but the best in my opinion is white for this recipe.

Learn how to make peppermint bark hearts

Special Offer

Looking for a Holiday candy gift for someone special? No time to make it yourself? Shari's Berries has some out-of-this-world Holiday decorated chocolate dipped strawberries and brownie pops. And guess what? I have some discounts for you...

Offer expires 12/31/2010.

Candy-Making Question

Is it better to use frosting or royal icing to decorate Christmas Sugar Cookies?

This is a great question a visitor asked. In my opinion, for flexible decorating options it would be royal icing. There are so many techniques you can do with icing that you cannot with frosting, but frosting tastes better.

But the biggest benefit of all of royal icing is you can package cookies for delivery without a risk of damaging the decoration. Place them in cellophane bags, tins, gift bags and there won't be a problem of ruining your hard work.

Got a candy-making or candy gift question?

Send it to me here with this email link and I will reply to you with the answer.

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