Fathers Day Summer Kick Off: Sweet Gifts for Dad

Don't have a gift for Fathers Day yet?

Don't fear, I've brought you some yummy, easy-to-make gift ideas. Make them just for Dad or for the party or get-together.

If it's as hot everywhere else right now like it is in Florida today (103 degrees F!) then I suggest something light that goes well with juice or sweet cold drink.

Drop some ice cubes in a tall glass of sweet ice tea or lemonade for Dad and make some delicious, tangy key lime cheesecake or lemon meringue pie.

Want a gourmet gift idea?

Dad deserves the finer things in life, right?

Check out how easy it is to make chocolate covered stawberries (pictorial guide), chocolate covered pecans (pictorial guide) or save 15% on Hand-Dipped Strawberries & Gourmet Gifts for Dad - $29 and up!.

One Last Gift Idea for Dad this summer...

Take him back in time to his childhood, take him on a real-life, candy factory tour

Hope these ideas help! Happy Fathers Day to your fathers and I look forward to bringing you some great, new gift ideas soon!

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