Decorated Valentines Caramel/Chocolate Apples and other Homemade Valentine's Treats

There's a feeling in the air this month..ah! It's not just love, it's the sweet smell of your candy gifts you are gonna learn to make for your sweetheart.

In this issue of The Gourmet Candy Shoppe Gazette you will get another coupon from the best online provider of chocolate covered strawberries Shari's Berries, receive some downloadable recipes to print off (if you haven't already gotten them), get some ideas for creative romantic gift messages to accompany your homemade gifts, vote on your favorite Valentine's candy and get the answer to a popular candy-making question.

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How to Make and Decorate Valentines Caramel/Chocolate Apples

Hand-Decorated Valentine's Caramel/Chocolate Apples

Buy them online, buy them at a local bakery OR learn to make them right here...

There are a million different techniques to decorate caramel/chocolate apples so check this one out. All the designs are either colored white chocolate or colored sugar and instead of using pastry bags you can substitute them with squeeze bottles that you could buy at "Michael's" or other craft shops.

Draw out some designs on paper first to guide you. This will make it easier.

Your sweetheart will be thoroughly impressed you made this yourself and their taste buds will be even more appreciative.

Click right here to learn how to create your own homemade Valentine's Caramel and Chocolate Apples

How to Make Heart Rice Crispy Treats

Heart Rice Crispy Treats

More great tasting Rice Crispy Treats coming your way! Except this time I used a new technique to make them. It's similar to the Valetine's Apples method.

You can flavor them cinnamon or just let the chocolate flavoring that covers the treats do all the talking. They are exquisitely decorated and are bursting with flavor.

Create them for your child's Valentine's Day party at school, make some for your sweetheart, share them with your co-workers or neighbors or show grandma or mom how much you care.

Check out why these Heart Rice Crispy Treats make you the talk of all your friends. No one will be able to take just one bite. I wouldn't say that if I didn't mean it.

Free Downloadable Valentine's Recipes

Here's a time-saver. Rather than taking the time to copy and paste from the web to your word processing program then printing them, just download these Valentine recipes right here. They are decorated to look pretty and print on standard 8 1/2 by 11" white paper or your favorite stock of stationary.

Get more downloable recipes on our site. More will be added to the Printable Candy Recipes Page

Peeps are one of my favorite seasonal candies, covered in sweet, colored sugar, sealing in the yummy marshmallow underneath. Learn how to make them homemade! And get your copy of the Heart Rice Crispy Treats to make your life easier than copying it down, it's all done for you here.

Click on the links below to get your FREE Valentine's Downloadable Recipes.

  • Heart Peeps Recipe
  • Heart Rice Crispy Treats

Special Offer

No time to make Chocolate Covered Strawberries yourself? Shari's Berries has some out-of-this-world decorated chocolate dipped strawberries and brownie pops. And guess what? I have some discounts for you...

Choose from some delicious, gourmet created Hand-Picked Berries & Valentine's Sweets . Starting at only $19.99. This offer expires on 2/14/2011.

Candy-Making Question

What are the best chocolate coating wafers for candy-making?

This is a great question visitors ask. I use two kinds, Merckens and Wilton. Both I find have great taste. You can buy either online. I personally buy both in stores in the Orlando area.

Both have milk and dark chocolate as well as many individual colors for white chocolate. Merckens does offer a mixed bag of colors which comes in handy if you are doing smaller projects. Merckens I get at D & G Occasions and Wilton I buy at Michael's. Wilton's is more afforable and Michael's will discount them after a holiday and often give you coupons after purchases.

Got a candy-making or candy gift question?

Send it to me here with this email link and I will reply to you with the answer.

Ask DSCG a Candy-Making Question

Valentine's Gift Messages

Our Gift Messages page gets very high rankings in Google and Yahoo. So here are so new ones for you for Valentine's Day to accompany with your candy-gifts.

  • I love covering you with my love. So I decided to cover some apples in rich, tasting chocolate. Love you sweetie.
  • If I had a heart for every time I think of you, I could fill the universe. Here are extras, the universe ran out of "space". Enjoy these Heart Rice Crispy Treats.
  • My love for you is eternal, unfortunately the flavor of these Chocolate Covered Apples will only last a few minutes.

And for the sexy one...

  • I made you these yummy Chocolate Covered Strawberries myself. A few are bare. I couldn't resist licking them clean. I needed some practice for what I have planned with you tonight.

Candy Voting

Let your opinions be heard. Support your favorite sweets. They are broken down into different categories. Vote for you favorite candy at the Candy Voting Poll

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