Albanese Candy Tour: Gummi Candy Factory comes to Life!

Albanese Candy Tour
1910 West 81st Avenue
Merrillville, IN 46410-5344

Tour Information

Turn back the clock and become a child and visit this gummi and chocolate candy factory. Gaze through the glass while observing the candy-making process and watch two videos teaching you how the famous gummies come to creation, as well as a video presenting the production of their Gold Label Chocolates.

Albanese offers its visitors two FREE options: guided group tours or self-guided tours for individuals and are wheelchair accessible. The tour guide for groups presents and introduction to the Albanese Confectionery company, discusses the machinery used in the gummi production process and then provides samples of both gummi and chocolate candies. The self-guided individual tours allow you to leisurely view the candy factory at your own pace and then tantalize your taste buds with some samples at the end of the tour. The Albanese candy tour averages between 30-50 minutes.

No reservations are required for the public and are available at any time during normal business hours. From Mid-November to December no tours are permitted due to the busy holiday candy production season. Reservations are required for group tours in advance with the Tour Director. Group tours take place Tuesday-Thursday between 9:30 AM and 3 PM. To schedule a tour call (219) 942-1877 ext 244 or send an email to

Call Albanese for updated information at (219) 738-2333 or visit their website to obtain the current tour information and times.

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Do you like Gummies?

These are some of the coolest and yummiest gummies candies I've ever seen!

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  • 27-inch Gummi Rattle Snake
  • 12 flavor wild fruit bears: including pineapple, watermelon, red raspberry, blue raspberry
  • Gummi butterflies
  • Mini sour worms
  • Gummi army guys (red and green)
  • Gummi jet fighters

***You can buy fruit bear flavors separately (you can’t find that in stores easily).

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  • Albanese Candy

**Important Disclosure*** is in no way related to Albanese confectionery in any form, nor do we endorse them. This page is strictly for entertainment purposes. Please contact Albanese Confectionery directly to check for updated and accurate information as policies and details of their tours may change without notice.

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