How I Discovered that "Article Distribution Gets Backlinks"

Hello my name is Rick and I am the founder of this site Deluxe Sweets and Candy Gifts. Please first know that I am NOT an expert internet marketer. I am still learning but I do offer my own personal story of how article distribution gets backlinks to this site and how my biggest regret is that I stopped a while back.

Article Distribution Gets Backlinks

Article I wrote rose to #2 within days.
This is how article distribution gets backlinks.

What are backlinks? They are the inbound links from other sites "back" to yours. They more or less are a "vote of yes" from that site owner (webmaster) that they approve of your site, thus adding value in the eyes of the search engines. And of course ranking highly boosts traffic.

Some of you are offline businesses, more advanced webmasters or new webmasters in internet marketing, but you are all probably here to:

  • Boost Traffic
  • Increase your Credibility

Article writing, better yet automated article distribution can help anyone.

How Article Writing Has Benefited Me

  • Increased inbound links long-term from other webmasters who reprint my articles
  • Increased traffic through visitors to these other sites
  • Higher search engine rankings- meaning more traffic
  • Increased credibility amongst visitors from inbound links

When I started my website I needed a kick, a traffic boost and that's when I discovered article marketing.

But maybe some of you are not sure yet what article marketing is?

Simply put it is a way to promote your business, either websites or traditional offline businesses. You write a useful article that provides the readers tips or information that solves a problem. The more useful the article and the more people you can get to see the article, the more traffic you will get from other website owners (webmasters) who republish it (you want this). This is obviously a simple explanation but it's a start. Backlinks lead to the boosting of traffic. And I can't repeat enough that good article writing and article distribution gets backlinks.

What is "Article Distribution" and "Manual vs Automated Distribution?"

Article distribution is basically the process of submitting your article to websites that publish your article. Many article directories are very reputable like Ezine Articles and Go Articles and therefore well-written articles published on these sites have a good chance of ranking highly in search engines .

In the beginning for me I needed other gourmet candy and desserts sites to link to me and everything I researched said that article distribution gets backlinks. But the troublesome part for me when I first started writing articles was the large amount of time to write one article and distribute it to each reputable article distributor one at a time. This is manual distribution and it is tedious and time-consuming. It can take at least 1 to 2 hours to write and submit ONE good article- minimum!

Then I discovered an automated article service that allowed me to:

  • Write one article and have it automatically distributed to hundreds of article directories, including the most reputable ones
  • Blogs and websites republished them with backlinks to my site and I receive hundreds, even thousdands of hits still even months and years after first publication! other words, the hard work was done for me and my traffic jumped.

Bottom line: article distribution gets backlinks for me and it could for you too.

But a boost in traffic wasn't the only benefit I discovered with article writing and article distribution...

Other Benefits of Article Writing and Marketing I Discovered

  • Fun to write articles
  • Helps usability of my site, creates more ways to interact with my pages
  • Satisifaction I'm making a difference in someone else's life
  • Satisfaction of exposing my ideas and thoughts to the world
  • Pleasure of knowing anyone in the world can read my articles at any time
  • No hassle, automatic publishing (once approved), do NOT need to work for a newspaper
  • Excitement of knowing if written well with good keyword research I could hit a traffic jackpot
  • Excitement of viewing the stats of each article

Automated Article Distribution Saved Me Headaches

If there's anything valuable I can share from this page it's

  • Writing articles is fun
  • Automatic Article Distribution saves me time and lets me sleep better- I HATE wasting time!!!
  • Good article writing helps solve problems
  • Again Article Distribution Gets Backlinks and thus brings traffic to my site

What is Submit Your Article?

Submit Your Article is the automated article distribution service I use here at Deluxe Sweets and Candy Gifts. It is a website of which I am a member. I write an article then I submit the it on their site. They distribute it for me to hundreds of article directories. I can review how many times each article is viewed. I can then see each time I receive hits from the many backlinks from the different sites that republish the articles.

It's also the service I canceled a long time ago and recently decided to start using again.

"What's the problem, why did you cancel your membership Rick if you believe article distribution gets backlinks and increases traffic?", many of you are wondering right now.

Simple. I didn't understand the benefits of continuous, good article writing and it was a steep $37 A MONTH!

"So why did you start up again?", you are undoubtedly asking yourself.

Well, I had some regrets...

My Regrets for Canceling "Submit Your Article" Membership

Here are my regrets in no particular order (they all hurt- OUCH):

  1. $67 a month. Yeah, that's right, due to Submit Your Article's success the membership is now a steeper $67 a month. Who knows, it probably will go up
  2. I could have at least double the monthly traffic now had I continued
  3. I could have at least double the amount of subscribers to my monthly ezine "The Gourmet Candy Shoppe Gazette by now
  4. I lost thousands of dollars of potential revenue
  5. I feel like I'm behind now, I have to catch up to the number of all the articles I should have written (perhaps the most bothersome regret)
  6. I lost opportunities to improve my article writing skills
  7. Bottom line: I LOST TIME AND MONEY (in more ways than one), I can never have too few backlinks and since well-planned article distribution gets backlinks (I'm beating a dead horse,right?), I lost out on many by canceling my membership before
  8. And because of this again...

Article Distribution Gets Backlinks with Submit Your Article

...I wrote this article, "Christmas Bulb Cupcake and Cupcake Tips..." shortly after rejoining and it rose to number 2 at Google within days.

How many more high ranking articles have I missed out on since canceling my membership?

Should you become a member of Submit Your Article?



No, you don't have to become a member of Submit Your Article.

You should write articles, though if you want customized, quality publicity geared towards your business or site that will bring you targeted traffic and potential customers.

I'm not going to lie. If you click on any of these links to Submit Your Article and become a member, I get a commission. And I struggled with becoming an affiliate because I don't want to make people feel like I'm just looking to make a buck.

"So why are you promoting the service?"

Because I believe in the service very much. It helps me save a tremendous amount of time and headaches and has immediate and long-term effects. And if I make some money in the process that's a bonus.

Again it's article writing you must do with or without an automated article distribution service.

  • Try it out. There is NO CONTRACT. They will offer you a trial $1 FOR THE FIRST MONTH. Write a handful of articles in that month. Keep it a few months. Cancel the service and you still will receive hits like I did long-term. BUT...

Please don't say I didn't warn you about the regrets.

Article Distribution Gets Backlinks and boosts traffic!!!

More Information on Article Marketing Strategies to Help Boost YOUR Traffic

If you've had your website for any length of time you know that getting visitors to your site is not automatic. If you've got a great website, and you aren't getting many views, please don't take it personally. In order to get more viewers you need to do something--you need to market your website. This article gives an introduction to a very effective online marketing tool that pretty much anyone of any skill level can do: Article Marketing.

What is Submit Your Article?

Article Distribution Gets Backlinks

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