Birthday Party Centerpieces: Economical Ideas

What will you do for your Birthday Party Centerpieces?

Parties are expensive enough as it is so why not save some extra money, right? I'm sure there are endless ideas in your head right now about your child's birthday party coming up. Please don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Madeleine Leperides from has some simple, yet fun and exciting ideas for you that will help you save money, but be exactly what you've been looking for to enhance the theme of your party.

What ideas work best for your party?

Birthday Party Centerpiece Ideas

By Madeleine Leperides

Our birthday party centerpiece ideas are bound to give you a few ideas of your own. Centerpieces are the perfect finishing touch on any party theme and will tie all of your d├ęcor together beautifully. You can create fancy centerpieces that are appropriate for an elegant birthday party or fun and whimsical centerpieces that children will love. Here are a few birthday party centerpiece ideas to get you started.

Floral Birthday Centerpiece Ideas

Floral centerpieces bring color and beauty to any birthday party theme. Consider using red flowers for a February birthday. A princess party wouldn't be complete without the addition of dainty pink blossoms. A classy way to honor the guest of honor would be to use her birthday flower in all of the centerpieces. For example, for an August birthday, use gladiolas or poppy flowers to bring color and class to your guest tables and food table.

Get creative with the vessel in which you'll present your flower centerpieces. Whether you choose something as simple as a terra cotta pot or as elegant as a crystal vase, your vessel should compliment the overall theme and arrangement.

Tips for Floral Birthday Centerpiece

  • Your guests will want to talk to each other, so keep the height of your centerpieces to six inches or less.
  • Choose blooms that don't give off a perfumed scent. Many people are allergic to strong scents and it could affect how the food tastes too.
  • White blooms are a classic choice, so if you're undecided about which flowers to use for your party, go with white and you can't go wrong.

Balloon Birthday Party Centerpieces

What is a birthday party without balloons? Balloons are the ideal party decoration because they're economical, come in several colors and sizes, and can be used in a myriad of ways to create unique and memorable centerpieces.

To make a simple balloon centerpiece, fill your choice of balloons with helium, bundle them with ribbon, and secure them to a weighted base. For an elegant birthday party, opt for a metallic-toned palette. Or, for a child's birthday party, choose brightly colored latex balloons along with some pre-printed balloons that match the theme of the party.

The Finishing Touches

Add a unique flair all your own to your birthday centerpieces. Here are some festive ideas for adding your own personal touch to your centerpieces.

  • Add in a few die cast cars, trucks, or other small toys
  • Jewelry adds sparkle and glamour to any centerpiece (pearls, costume jewelry)
  • Vary your container - boxes, hats, baskets, pots, toys, etc.
  • Candies or other small goodies wrapped individually
  • Building blocks are the perfect addition to centerpieces honoring a Little One's first birthday.
  • We hope these tips have inspired you to try your hand at making beautiful, themed centerpieces for all of your birthday celebrations. Don't be surprised if friends and family ask you to make the centerpieces for their next party!

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