Tasty Business Gifts they WILL like and remember you for.

Deluxe sweets or candy Business Gifts for a client make up a small slice or your marketing budget, but will play a big role in the whole picture of your relationships with your customers.

Sometimes it's not just what you know that keeps them coming back, but how much they trust and like you. Right?

Think about this. If your realtor, accountant, financial advisor or a sales rep made you feel extra special and took steps to show you that you were a very appreciated customer, wouldn't that make them stand out? How would you feel about your accountant if he/she sent your favorite cookies or gourmet chocolate bar after doing your taxes? You already paid them, they received their part of the deal, but they still took the extra step to show their appreciation for you choosing to business with them and not someone else.

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  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

    Business gifts are also great for a coworker, employee, business partner or even prospects. They are gifts for all occasions too. Deluxe sweets and candy are sure to please their taste buds so this is also a sure bet to be a hit! No need to worry about taking a risk of them not liking it. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices rolling.

    Employee Appreciation

    If you wish to give each employee their own separate gifts as opposed to one big one, like a cake, consider these delicious business gifts I hand-picked:

    • Cookies in Decorative Tins or "Thank You" Gift Boxes: Why just send cookies in a normal box? Dress them up a bit.
    • Decadent Chocolate Covered Apples: I love the M&M ones! This is a true gourmet gift at a reasonable price. They also have other tasty flavors like Caramel Toffe Chocolate apples or Jumbo Chocolate Dipped Pecan apples. Your employees with enjoy every bite. Check 'em out!
    • Yummy Gifts Under $30

    However, if you wish to have your employees share one big gift, then check out these delicious business gifts too:

    • Shari's Berries popular hand-dipped strawberries: Trays of Delightful, Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberries. They come in many different sized trays. A true gourmet treat.
    • Decorated Cookie Cakes with Message: A yummy gift with an edible, celebration message all in one.
    • Giant Fortune Cookies: How cool is this? Very unique, how many have you ever gotten? Exactly.

    Giant Fortune Cookie

    For Clients

    Say "thank you" to your clients with these business gifts below and they won't forget you. Show your clients you care for them and they will prefer to do business with you rather than your competitors.

    • Happy Birthday Cookie Greeting Card: Everyone gets cards for their birthday, but who gets a personalized, card made out of cookies? Create your own message, choose the cookie flavor (sugar, chocolate chip, M&M and more) and the color of the ribbons. Surprise your most special clients when they least expect it.

    Happy Birthday Cookie

    • Decorative Cookie Jars: An ornament that will sit on their kitchen table to remind them all the time how much you appreciate them. Then send them more cookies later on to put in their jar.
    • Mrs. Fields Cookies in Decorative "Thank You" Tins: A nice touch. A personal "thank you" containers protecting the delicious treats inside.
    • Logo(your company's logo) Gourmet Chocolate Covered Apples: The apples are cool enough, but with a logo even a better way to leave your "mark".

    Chocolate Covered Apples with Company Logo

    To really "WOW" your BEST clients try these Monthly Clubs out (there are quarterly and bi-annual clubs too). Talk about being on someone's mind, you'll remind them you're there throughout the year:


    Would you like to go one step further? Then take a peek at these customizable business gifts for either your clients or employees:

    • Cookie Bouquets: You can order bouquets of cookies related to your clients' industry.

    Sports Fan Cookie Boquet

    Trade Shows and Conventions

    Want to leave your prospects with something to remember you buy that they'll enjoy? Imprint your company's logo on these delicious business gifts:

    • Corporate Logo Gift Baskets: Once you've done your job prospecting, leave your "mark" on some delicious cookies. And make sure you call them back to set up an appointment to sell your product or service!

    Corporate Logo Gift Basket

    • Mrs. Fields Corporate Logo Cookies: Fill up their tummies with some tasty cookies and leave an impression on their eyes with your company's logo.

    Slice of Key Lime Pie

    Gift Occasions and Homemade Ideas for Business Gifts

    "Thank you" gifts for your employees' hard work.

    "Thinking of you" gift for a client after months of no contact

    "Happy Birthday" gift to a client

    • A chocolate chip cookie cake to their daughter with the words, "Happy Birthday (their name)", on top.
    • A box of Chocolate No-Bake Cookies

    "Thank you" gift to prospect that did NOT do business with you.

    • A chocolate covered apple with chocolate chips on top with a card that says, "Sorry I couldn't help you this time, but I'd sure like to stick (no pun intendend) around a bit to see if we could be at your service
      in the future.

    "Miss you" gift to client who is due to see you for an update on their insurance policy or financial plan.

    • chocolate covered strawberries to a family and an invitation to stop by your office that says, "I'd sure feel safe knowing all your assets are still "covered" just like these strawberries. Please call me by Tuesday I left some time for us to talk.
    • A box of frosted Halloween sugar cookies of shapes of ghosts, pumpkins, witches, etc., with a note that says, "It's ok to be scared on Halloween, but please don't be afraid of me I'll protect you. Please call me by Tuesday so we can update your insurance policy to also protect your new boat."

    Halloween Cookies

    Have fun using your creativity to offer great business gifts to your clients, prospects, coworkers and employees just how important they are to you.

    Check out ideas for some catchy, creative Gift Messages for Clients.

    Special Bonus:
    Top 25½ Occasions to Give Clients Business Gifts

    Your clients feel proud of THEIR many "BIG" moments that happen to them and their families. So why not give them the recognition they deserve? Afterall they could have chosen to do business with your competitor, right? As long as you express sincere interest in them (and not faking it either) as you present them business gifts they will be very appreciative and you will DEFINITELY stand out in their minds. And the only way you'll discover these golden nuggets of information is by talking with them on at least a fairly frequent basis.

    1. Thank and welcome them after their first purchase with you
    2. Thank them on their first anniversery of their initial order with you or your company
    3. Thank them after big upgrade to your product or service or...
    4. ...on anniversary of upgrade
    5. Congratulate the on a new home purchase or...
    6. ...on any big purchase they're proud of: boat, RV, sports car, vacation home, etc.
    7. Congratulate them on milestone wedding anniversaries: 1st, 5th, 10th...25th or...
    8. ...on any of the inbetween ones or...
    9. ...for milestone birthdays
    10. Birth of their new child
    11. Wish them "bon voyage" on a big vacation on which they're about to embark or...
    12. ...for their honeymoon
    13. Congratulate them on their company anniversaries
    14. Thank them on milestone orders with your company: 10th, 25th..100th or...
    15. ...by dollar amount of accumulated orders
    16. Thank them for milestone referrals: 1st, 5th, 10th, etc. or...
    17. ...for accumulated dollar amount of their purchases
    18. Wish their children "Happy Birthday" or...
    19. ...on other celebrations: Baptism, Bar Mitzvah, Quinceañera, etc. or...
    20. ...for awards or acheivements: scholastic awards, becoming Eagle Scout, spelling bee champ, straigt A's etc.
    21. Completion of a big refurbishment on their home or perhaps...
    22. ...for a do-it-yourself project on their home: new deck, shed, child playground, gazeebo, rose garden, etc.
    23. "Haven't talked to you for a long time"
    24. They won an award at Toast Masters, a company achievement, Chamber of Commerce, etc.
    25. Became coach on their daughter's soccer team or son's baseball team

    And last but not least the bonus...

    25½. Their son or daughter returned from military deployment

    But do you really think there are only 25½ occasions to give your clients business gifts? No, of course not. Feel free to create your own too based upon your customers. Have Fun!

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