Candy Sushi: Make Believe Chef Fun that Kids Love to Eat

What is Candy Sushi?

You are about to find out, but I imagine the reason you are here is for one reason and one reason only...

To escape from the hustle and bustle of rushed, everyday life to spend some quality time with your kids doing something fun that they will like and will keep their attention.

Is that about right? I hope so because making candy sushi is not only fun, it's easy, very easy to do and in the end your kids will love eating the fruits of your "labor" (not much required, though):) .

Here's the best part! You can accomplish 3 things at one time...

  1. Enjoy some alone time with your kids sharing an activity you both love.
  2. Creating a tasty treat both you and your kids will like.
  3. Creating gifts for someone your child cares about..grandma...their favorite teacher...their best friend.

And one BONUS: It didn't cost much so now you will have more money to buy extra groceries.

So check out an original article written by Deluxe-Sweets and-Candy-Gifts below.

Want a fun activity to enjoy with your kids? How about an activity that will teach them some valuable skills? Try baking. Kids love desserts and baking is similar to making crafts, except in the end you get to eat the finished product?

There are many sweets to choose from, but today we will try something that will really get our kids creative juices flowing: candy sushi.

It really does look a lot like the real thing and that’s what kids love: playing make believe. Just like playing “house” they can pretend to make actual sushi rolls. They’ll want to take the candy sushi to their teachers. They’ll want to show it off to grandma and grandpa. They’ll call their aunts and uncles and broadcast to the world about their “master piece”. This will start a string of other desserts they’ll want to make with mom or dad, giving you more fun things to do with your kids.

So what exactly is candy sushi?

It’s a combination of crisped rice cereal that represents the real rice, gummy worms (you could also add red string licorice) to represent the fish, and all wrapped in a fruit roll up (or fruit leather) which represents seaweed. It is the candy equivalent of makizushi rolls.

How do you make it?

You start with similar steps to make crisped rice treats. Stir ¾ cup of butter and four cups of mini marshmallow on medium heat in a medium sized pot. Remove from heat once marshmallows become gooey and mix in 6 cups of crisped rice. Place wax paper on a large baking sheet for cookies and spray it with cooking oil. Spray the kids fingers with cooking oil and from one end of the baking sheet, not the side, have them press the crisped rice mix into the sheet until about half the sheet is covered. Next they take the gummy worms and stick them end-to-end across the mix horizontally. Have your kids start about an inch out from the end. They’ll create two rows of gummy worms or one row gummy worms and one row of red string licorice. Now here’s the more difficult part. Lift the mix from underneath by the wax paper and carefully roll the mix over the row of gummy worms until you completely roll over them once. Then you, not the kids, will cut the roll away from the rest of the mix with a large knife (chef’s knife). Make one more roll the same way then cut the rolls in one-inch pieces. Finally, carefully wrap the pieces with fruit roll ups or fruit leather. TIP: It’s easier to do this step with the strips of fruit roll up already cut and by placing the pieces of roll in the middle of a strip and pulling the sides around until they touch.

Don’t refrigerate for too long or the gummy worms and fruit leather will become hard. Give them away as a gift or eat them yourself. You can place them on a decorative Japanese dish. And for added taste set aside some chocolate dipping sauce to represent soy sauce. You and the kids can pretend you’re out eating the real thing in a sushi bar.

For a pictorial guide to make candy sushi click link below to be directed to the next page. Then scroll down to about the middle of that page or just click the link near the top "How to Make Candy Sushi Pictorial Guide" and you will jump to the bottom of the page.

  • Pictorial Guide to Make Candy Sushi

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