Candy Tours: So how do they make Candy Bars, Gummies and Ice Cream?

Jelly Belly Candy Tour

Candy Tours? Ever thought about going on one?

Why not try something different and new, something fun? Invite someone special to go back in time to their childhood and take a tour of a real life candy factory.

Remember watching "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" as a child? Wouldn't you just love to feast your eyes on loads and loads of gummy candy, chocolate syrup, strawberry ice cream or your favorite flavored candy?

Here's your chance!

I've started a list below of some of most popular candy tours and will be adding more. I hope you will find one close to where you live or close to a destination you will be traveling to.

Check out the categories below and you will be directed to another page to view the directories I have started as well as links to other fun sites.

Flavored Candy Factory Tours

These candy tours will take you on a fruity journey to see how some of the tastiest gummi, sour and hard candies are made. Most tours are free and do not have age limits, but information can change so that is why it is important to click the links I've conveniently provided you to read the updated information. You might also have questions so feel free to access the information.

Jelly Belly Factory Tours

Fairfield, California

Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin


To some jelly beans might be old fashioned, but these are no ordinary jelly beans. Have you had them???

These have got to be some of the tastiest candies I've ever had!! They come in some of the craziest flavors you'll find like Chili Mango, Crushed Pineapple and Buttered Popcorn (yes, Buttered Popcorn) to more familiar insanely tasty flavors like Sizzling Cinnamon, Cotton Candy and Red Apple. Jelly Belly also offers sugar free gourmet jelly beans.

Put these yummy candies in your mouth and there will be a party on your tongue for sure!

The are two tours offered in two different parts of the country. Each tour is very different from one another.

Check out the details for

Jelly Belly Factory Tour in Fairfield, California and the Jelly Belly Warehouse Tour in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin to see which one you like better or is more convenient to visit.

Albanese Candy

Merrillville, Indiana


The World's Best Gummies is what Albanese boasts and is one of the few candy tours where you can view gummi candy being made.

Who doesn't like gummies? This is a childhood favorite of mine. They have some very unique and yummy flavors. You can even buy individual flavors.

If you like gummies as much as I do then check out the Alabanese Candy factory tour links to their mouth-watering gummi and other products.

Hammond's Candies

Denver, Colorado


Red, White and Blue candies: licorice, lollipops and hard candy; they've made natural handmade candies due to large number of allergies to some food-dyes found in other brands such as lollipops, ribbon candy, candy canes, sour balls and other hard candies, chocolate, holiday candy

Hammond's has been in Denver for a long time and has a long-running history with the town. The gourmet candies they have produced over the years have delighted many candy fans.

If passing through Denver then check out

Hammonds Candy factory tour to experience one the better candy tours in the country.

Sweet's Candies

Salt Lake City, Utah


Sweet's is know for it's taffy and chocolate-covered fruit sticks (raspberry, orange and cherry). Their taffy, however, is not the same as salt water taffy you might find on the Eastern Coast. Sweet's taffy is softer and less sticky since it is whipped and not pulled. They offer more than 50 flavors (50!!) and sell 3 pound packs or smaller packages perfect for gifts.

Check out Sweet's Candy tour and their awesome taffy flavors!

Just Born Virtual Tour

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


I love Peeps®! I don't need much of an excuse to eat these traditional holiday, shaped, sugar-coated marshmallow treats. And since I own a snack vending business I love a handful of a handful of Mike and Ike® (jelly bean-like) or Hot Tamales® (hot cinnamon flavored).

I just happened to live about 5 minutes from this plant for a short time and passed by it quite often. So there are sentimental reasons I have chosen to place them on this page, mostly mouth-related reasons.

Click the link and take the virtual tour. Just Born does not offer a real-live tour of their factory to the public as far as a I know.

  • Just Born Virtual Tour

Chocolate Factory Tours

Some of these candy tours from world renowned chocolate manufactureres you've know.

You see their chocolate adorning grocery store shelves, concessions stands and vending machines every day. You top your ice cream, cakes and cupcakes with their products and now you can see how they're made.

Hershey®’s Chocolate World

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Located in south central Pennsylvania close to the capital Harrisburg this is perhaps the most popular of all candy tours in the world, Hershey®'s Chocolate World is a chocolate lover's paradise where you can plan a whole trip. Hershey® is the creator of such popular treats as Hershey® the Milk Chocolate Hershey® Bar, Reese's® Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey®'s Kisses, Kit-Kat®, and more. An amusement park, interactive tour ride, chocolate taste experience and be a factory worker for a day!

A great spot for the world famous candy tour and also a great location to visit some of the country's most popular vacation destinations nearby like Washingoton DC, Philadelphia, New York City and Baltimore, just to name a few.

Looking to try some free chocolate samples and to experience a whole town wrapped around chocolate making then Hershey's Chocolate factory tour will be an unforgettable moment.

Cadbury® World

Cadbury Chocolate Factory Tour

Bournville, Birmhingham, UK

Most Americans know Cadbury for their Easter time cream-filled chocolate eggs and other gourmet chocolate bars for this time of year, but Cadbury produces chocolate products all year round that might be harder to find here in the States, except for a few select places. For example, you could find some products
in some of the Super Wal-Mart®s here
in Orlando due to the high influx of
visitors from the UK.

Another one of the world's most popular candy tours, Cadbury World offers "a fun-filled day trip to one of UK's most popular family attractions" as well as one of the most attractive and interactive web-sites you'll find on the net.

Check it out! Go straight to their site

Harry London Chocolates

North Canton, Ohio

Harry London Chocolates offers some of the most exquisite, gourmet chocolate candies you will find, ranging from white chocolate covered pretzels, soft caramels and chocolate covered coconut clusters to one of their best sellers- buckeyes.

For me it's "Home sweet home!" Just "down the street" from my hometown of Akron, Ohio (about 40 miles south of Cleveland), right next to the Akron Canton Airport and minutes away from the National Football League Hall of Fame. Not as well known as the other candy tours listed on this page, but still fun, plus there are sites to see in Northern Ohio in the summer time too like the aforementioned NFL Hall of Fame, Progressive Field- home of the Cleveland Indians, the Inventors Hall of Fame, the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame and the world renown amusement park Cedar Point!

Not to mention the famous Niagara Falls is only about 4 hours away- a must see at least once in your life!

If are in the hunt for the best gourmet chocolate and would like to try some free chocolate samples while visiting a real life chocolate factory then the

Harry London Chocolates factory tour won't disappoint!

Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory

Daytona Beach, Florida

Roughly an hour and a half northeast of Orlando and just south of St Augustine, the country's oldest European city. You truly could make an entire trip to include a stop to one of the few candy tours located in a coastal city.

Think about it, how could they make chocolates in the hot South back in the 1920s while not having air-conditioning? Find out how and take advantage of one the best vacation spots not only in the country, but the world.

Eat some free chocolate samples on Angell and Phelps chocolate factory tour , hit the beaches, golf, visit Mickey at Walt Disney World, Shamu at Sea World and Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando.

What else could you want?

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