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There are Chocolate Companies of all kinds, from manufacturers, to wholesalers to your local retail candy shop. And nowadays of course for your convenience you can shop online for all types of chocolate items like chocolate covered strawberries and other fruit or nuts, gourmet chocolate bark or bars, chocolate truffles of all kinds and much more. You might even be interested in starting your own chocolate candy shop and need equipment. We hope to help you with some recommendations here to help your search. This page will grow over time as we find new companies and discover new ways to please your chocolate appetite. Whether you are in need of candy gifts, restaurant equipment or that special item to please your own urge check out these chocolate recommendations below.

Where to Buy Chocolate Covered Treats

I could go for a tasty gourmet chocolate bar anytime, but throw chocolate on an apple or pretzel and I'm in heaven. Here is the current list of chocolate companies that we like. Each is selected for something unique, something that makes them stand out from the rest.

1. Shari's Berries

Unique Features: specialize in chocolate covered strawberries, large variety of packages, starting price of just $19.99

It would be difficult to find too many better looking websites that this one. The best variety of chocolate covered strawberries online we've come across Shari's offers an enormous variety of chocolate covered strawberries for all occasions and they even have sports-themed berries. They come dipped in all kinds of tasty-looking toppings like mini chocolate chips, toffee bits, nuts and more. One of the greatest part about Shari's is the price. Packages start at just $19.99. You can also purchase packages of chocolate dipped strawberries with chocolate dipped cookies or pretzels.


Unique Feature: largest chocolate selection on internet

Variety is the main feature here. has the best variety of chocolate items on the web. Anything you want you can find here from truffles, to gourmet brownies, chocolate dipped cookies, fruit or popcorn, artisan chocolate, fudge and much, much more. is not a chocolate manufacturer rather a conglomerate of several different chocolate sellers, orders placed on the site are forwarded to the seller then the product is delivered to the recipient fast and fresh.


Unique Feature: huge chocolate item selection, large variety of chocolate covered items, unique chocolate covered items

The vaierty of chocolate items is big, but specifically chocolate covered fruits, cookies, brownies, giant fortune cookies and cakes. Yes, chocolate covered brownies! They have unique chocolate covered fruits like grapes, blueberries and raspberries. The site is very user-friendly and has a nice, attractive design. If you are looking to send someone a chocolate covered gift or you just want to indulge yourself this is the complete chocolate covered site hands down!


Unique Features: variety chocolate covered nuts

As healthy snacks become increasingly more popular the combination of chocolate and nuts is a great choice for candy gifts and provides a great selection of many different chocolate covered nuts from almonds, pistacios, sesame seeds, peanuts, to brazil nuts.

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