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Chocolate covered gifts are irresistible! Fruits and nuts alone are delicious, but combined with chocolate and that someone special will love you for your creative, unique gift idea. Whether it's the contrast between sweet and tart, sweet and salty, chocolate goes very well with strawberries, cherries, apples, pretzels, gourmet nuts and coffee beans. Make no mistake, these are gourmet gifts and you will get a "gourmet" reaction once your loved ones eat them.

Choose your favorite Chocolate Covered treats

I. Chocolate-Covered Apples

II. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries and Cherries

III. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

IV. Chocolate-Covered Nuts and Coffee Beans

V. Homemade Gifts vs Online Candy Store Gifts- Which?

VI. Learn about Chocolate Facts

Chocolate-Covered Apples

They remind us of amusement parks, carnivals and of the county fair. They are a timeless treat that are every bit as fun to make as they are to eat. They are delicious, both to the eyes and mouth, and make a very unique deluxe sweet gift idea. They're tricky to send since you must keep them cold, but you can easily deliver them yourself to the people that live close by.

If you'd simply like to order your gifts and have them sent to that someone special then, I recommend you check out "Hannah's Caramel Apples"caramel and chocolate apples. They have a stunningly delicious tasting and looking selection, hard to find in stores. I personally like their vast selection of flavors, and the fact that you can order only one apple at a time or multiple. They can even add a creative or romantic gift message for you that is sent with the apple. As well as package them nicely. I like their prices too, they're very reasonable. Check 'em out! Don't forget to look for the Snickers one!

However, I myself, love making these treats homemade. In fact, every bit as much as I love eating them. You will leave a lasting impression if you make them yourself. So check out the homemade recipes below. I will be adding some new ones soon. Enjoy! You can easily substitute the toppings listed for the recipient's favorites.


Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Cherries

These pieces of art represent love and beauty. Their appeal is elegant and classy and can be decorated with various designs. How do you think your sweetheart would feel if she received a box of these deluxesweets at work during a stressful, hectic day? They can be covered in white or dark chocolate. The contrast of the sweet outer covering and the tart center provides two delicious moments for whomever places them in their mouth.

Learn how to make homemade chocolate covered strawberries or cherries as a gift by clicking on the recipe links below.Imagine that, you could make homemade hand-dipped chocolate strawberries and cherries. Bring some sparkling wine and a long-stemmed, red rose and you have the perfect romantic gift. Your mom, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend will be impressed when you tell them that you made them on your own.

However, if you don't have the time or are "allergic" to the kitchen, like many people, then I recommend you check out "Edible Gifts Plus"gourmet chocolate strawberriesDon't miss the Belgian chocolate dipped birthday berries! Or for some other amazing-looking chocolate covered strawberries and cherries take a quick peek at "Shari's Berries"' popular hand-dipped strawberries. These guys are the pros when it comes to hand-dipped chocolate strawberries. These truly are spectacular! You won't be disappointed.


Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Salt and chocolate together make for an irresistible combination. I love salty and sweet together! Once I eat one I'm already eating the second. The toppings make this deluxe sweet stand out, whether they're drizzled by M&MsĀ®, sprinkles, shredded coconut, gummy candy, etc. The pretzels themselves can be alternated between the large twisted kind and the rods. They also can be covered in dark, white or milk chocolate or you'll find two of them on the same pretzel.

Satisfy your loved ones' taste buds by learning how to make homemade chocolate covered pretzels by clicking on one of the recipes below. :)

If you'd rather avoid the kitchen altogether and comfortably sit in front of your computer to shop for some delicious chocolate covered pretzels, then I recommend you check out what Edible Gifts Plus offers. They have some tasty and remarkable-looking chocolate covered pretzelsTake a quick glance!


Chocolate-Covered Nuts and Coffee Beans

These make great deluxe snacks for those health conscious people or coffee lovers in your life. They come in all different types of nuts. Or you can find some regular coffee beans or espresso. They're easy to make. Just click on a recipe link below.


Homemade Gifts vs. Online Chocolate Covered Gifts

When considering sweets as gifts, one the first questions you may ask yourself is would you rather make them yourself or just simply purchase them. To be quite frank there are advantages and disadvantages to both. So I've outlined the differences here so you can choose more easily.

Homemade Chocolate-Covered Gifts


  • As long as the desserts are made properly, not perfect, but good enough, homemade gifts are much more meaningful to your loved ones. Beyond being delicious and visually appealing to the recipient, they show that you care so much for them that you invested your most valuable asset- your time.
  • They're fun and easy to make.
  • After the first time, you will be able to make them for any occasion. This could come in handy.
  • You'll be famous amongst your friends, family and acquaintances for knowing how to make them.
  • Although the ingredients, baking supplies and gift packaging are somewhat expensive, after a few batches, online hand-dipped chocolate gifts are typically more expensive.


  • It takes time to make them and package them.
  • The ingredients and supplies are still somewhat expensive.
  • To do a good job there are many ingredients, toppings and supplies to find and buy, which is time-consuming and can be expensive in the long run.
  • If you make a mistake warming up the chocolate, you will have to start over, thus losing time and money.
  • They won't be as perfect as the online, purchased kind.

Online Chocolate-Covered Gifts


  • Easy. Just search, click and buy. The rest is done for you.
  • They come out perfect. They're made by professional chocolatiers. If you don't feel at home in the kitchen, then online, purchased gifts would be better for you
  • Delivered gifts can be sent to someone creating an element of surprise. Most people love suprises.
  • Most online stores allow you to add a customized romantic gift message.


  • They're not as personal as homemade gifts.
  • They can be quite expensive, unless just getting smaller amounts.
  • For being perishable items they can be expensive. You'll just have to check out the prices to see if they fit your budget.
  • Since these are pershable items that can melt, these gifts must be ordered shortly before you plan for them to arrive. So you'd better be sure they will be received.

Overall, homemade chocolate gifts are fun to make. I personally love making chocolate-covered apples and strawberries. I love to hear the question, "Did you make these yourself?". If makes me feel good. I get a feeling of accomplishemnt when I see the final product. I feel like an artist. In some cases, though, it is much easier just to order them online, and it's hard to beat surprising your lady or your man, mom or grandma. Receiving an unexpected box is very thrilling for them.

So in short. Unless you really see yourself as kitchen-inept, then I would recommend mixing it up. Bake and impress him or her when you have something special at home planned, or if you're going to meet your loved one in person somewhere. If you want to surprise them for a milestone, event or special occasion then send them a special delivery from an online store.

Just read through this page and you'll have everything you need for homemade gifts or online gifts. Both the recipes and recommended online stores can be found through links I've placed for you on this page.

Romantic Chocolate Covered Gift Occasion Ideas


  • "See you tonight/this weekend.": Wrap the chocolate/caramel apple of your choice in cellophane paper, tied at the top with a bow and add a romantic gift message like, "I wish I could see your eyes when you get this. I guess I'll settle to see your eyes when you find out what surprise I have waiting for you tonight/this weekend."
  • "The Sweetest Woman in the World": I love the selection of caramel and chocolate apples Hannah's Caramel Apples offers. Find the one you like and have it delivered straight to her office/workplace/home with a customized romantic gift message like, "The Sweetest Woman in the World deserved a sweet treat. I love you!".

Learn about Chocolate Facts

Wanna know what chocolate is made of? Or maybe is white chocolate real chocolate? Where is chocolate grown? Chocolate doesn't grow on trees, it's produced. Learn how and where.

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