Chocolate Lollipops: The Fine Art of Candy Making

Looking for the perfect personalized chocolate gift? Chocolate Lollipops can be made into any theme or object you let your imagine think up. Whether clowns, princess crowns, pirate ships or characters like Hello Kitty for kids parties or romantic hearts or lips for your girlfriend or wife, chocolate candy lollipops make the ultimate customized chocolate gifts.

There are several supplies that you must collect to broaden the different themes of your chocolate lollipops, but you can start small and use some everyday objects around the house to help you. Craft stores like Michael's or others in your town or city as well as many online retailers provide everything you need. And don't forget about value shopping at or discount stores like Ross or Tuesday Morning even Wal-Mart.

You can make your lollipops without any color and they those you give them to will still enjoy them. However, we have a treat for you on this page, a rare look at how to add paint them with colored milk chocolate by hand!

How to Make Chocolate Lollipops (Pictorial Guide)

White Chocolate Colors for Painting Lollipops

1. Before actually painting your chocolate lollipops you will need to do some set up. We must melt colored white chocolate wafers to paint the backs of the candy molds and milk chocolate to fill the backs of the molds once we finish painting.

You don't need to go crazy with a zillion different colors just the basics: red, blue, green, yellow, black, brown, perhaps some extras like orange, pink and purple. You could start with these and if you'd like add a couple tints of each. To save money buy a multi colored bag of wafers and separate the colors by hand. If you need more colors that the bag does not offer either buy a few separate colors or use Gel Paste Food Colors to modify the tints. Gel is better than food coloring since it does not have water.

Water and Chocolate do NOT go together, NOT even in MOISTURE form.

The best tasting and quality chocolate wafers for price are Merckens White Chocolate Coating Wafers. These wafers as well as all the supplies you will need can be bought at stores similar to D and G Occasions (here in Orlando) a great store to buy some supplies online is Kitchen Krafts. But only buy the supplies online you can't find in stores or it will get expensive.

We'll get to the melting in a second, but once the different colors are melted you can put them in baby food jars like shown here. A good method to keep the chocolate warm and melted is to place them in an electric skillet with the bottom filled with water. Then set the heat to low.

Double Boiler on Griddle
Paramount Crystals to Thin Chocolate

2. To melt chocolate for the best results for your chocolate lollipops you should use a double boiler. Using a double boiler will allow you to monitor the consistency of the chocolate more easily. The chocolate should be thin enough that upon dipping a teaspoon and pulling it out the chocolate should drip off in a stream. If it's too thick it will clump together. However, to save time you could use the microwave. Remember you have many different colors. So you may want to use the double boiler for the milk chocolate that will fill the back of the molds and make up most of the lollipop and then use the microwave for the colors. You can either keep the double boiler on the stove while you work but keep the stove on simmer and do NOT cover it.

Much like we mention how to melt chocolate for Chocolate Covered Apples start with a few tablespoons of the first color in a bowl and only melt for 1 minute. Remove, stir, then melt in 20-30 second intervals as needed. If the chocolate becomes too thick then add a few wafers of Paramount Crystals. Again they contain now water or even oil and will maintain the quality chocolate taste you want while allowing it to remain strong after completetion and not melt.

Clown Chocolate Lollipop Mold
Chocolate Lollipop Mold for Clown

3. Set up a work space on a table to paint your chocolate lollipops. Place a piece of cardboard in front of you to keep the area clean and soft. Here are the molds for the chocolate lollipops looking from the front. How they look in the beginning phases and when all finished. With the finest horse hair paint brush (only to be used for your chocolate) paint the lowest level in your choice of candy mold. You will learn which size brushes to use with more practice. Here on the clown mold it would be the collar and hat. Work your way up the levels to the highest level last and paint the white chocolate a fairly thick layer. When painting an adjacent area of a previous area you've already done, like, the face and hair here in the case of the clown, you would let the orange hair dry (it only takes a few minutes). If the hair were still dry while you started to work on the white face paint and accidentally touched the hair you would mix the colors and have a mess. To create depth to the features of the objects you're painting, each feature of the mold has sides. You must come up on the sides to cover them. As you paint turn the mold around to look at the front to check your progress. If the area you are working on, like the lips for example of this clown, show any clear plastic instead of red then the during the final step of pouring the milk chocolate over the back to cover all these painted areas you're creating, the brown of the milk chocolate will seep to the bottom and create brown patches in the front. The clown would have mostly red lips, but in the areas where I didn't come up the sides of the mold with the red, there will be brown spots and patches.

To clean your brush before beginning with the next color, dip it in a baby jar filled with warm water that should remain in the skillet the whole time. Make sure to dry off the brush well on a cloth or paper towel. Remember- no water in the chocolate. Once adjacent areas are dry you do not have to be too careful with coloring over the top of them since this is the back of the mold and not what someone will see on the front since the final step will be to cover the back with the milk chocolate.

Painted Clown Chocolate Lollipop Mold
Milk Chocolate Filled Lollipop Mold
Add Lollipop Stick to the Chocolate Mold

4. After painting the last top area let the white chocolate paint sit a few minutes before filling with the milk chocolate. To cover the painted mold with the milk chocolate fill a plastic sauce bottle like the one pictured here with the milk chocolate and squirt it onto the painted area. Once filled grab the sides of the mold and tap it softly onto against the top of the table to create an even top level. Insert the lollipop stick into the bottom as shown here. Twist the lollipop stick completely around to cover all sides then flatten it down against the bottom and push it firmly up into the mold as far as the mold will allow. Then place in fridge before starting on next mold. Let sit in fridge between 15-20 minutes.

If you are creating a big batch of chocolate lollipops then you will want to have many of the same molds. You do not want to work with one mold, let it dry then remove the lollipop, clean the mold and start over.

Chocolate Clown Lollipop

5. Remove the molds from the fridge, then genlty lift the first lollipop to make sure then are all ready to me removed. Place them all on a baking sheet covered with wax paper. Let sit for 24 hours before packaging or serving. Here's the finsished product.

6. Check out the (link)Package and Shipping(link) page for ideas on how to package the finished chocolate lollipops. You will want at least cellophane bags, bows and perhaps decorative gift bags.

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