Custom Awards: Personalized Recognition for Those You Love

First Place Medal

Custom awards are another way to make those you care about feel special. Add them in your “Gift Messages” on a card or letter that you place in the box or bag containing your deluxe candy gifts. Everyone likes to feel unique, they like to have something they can call their own. The more creative you are, the more unique the awards will be. It’s the same concept I use to give cute nicknames to my girlfriend. She loves them and gets very jealous if I refer to anyone else using the same name. They can be romantic,
humorous, kinky, respectful or many other descriptions.
Have fun with them. Here are some ideas to get you started.

For Her

Make her feel special, loved, say you’re sorry, tell her you miss her with Custom Awards personalized to specifically to her.

  • Always Makes ME Smile Award: Make her feel important. Show her how much she means to you. Make her some chocolate cupcakes with a heart shaped out of pink frosting with this award printed on nice stock paper.
  • Inventor of the “Knock Me On My Butt Kiss”: Take her a bag of chocolate kisses with a “gift message”, “Let’s see who wins. Who can give more kisses.” Then after you both finish giving each other a long, romantic kiss hand her a framed certificate with this award.
  • Guarantee to Listen to You Whenever You Feel Sad: Let her know that you’re always there for her. Give her a bag of chewy chocolate chip cookies and a laminated certificate with this guarantee, it’s just like a product warranty that you’d get with a TV or Ipod. You know women feel secure and loved when they have someone to talk in times of need.


For Him

Guys need to be told they’re loved too. The louder you say it the better. So check out these ideas for Custom Awards just for him.

  • Best Long Distance Boyfriend a Girl Could Have: He already misses you enough as it is. Send him some of his favorite rice crispy treats with the “gift message”, “I tried to send a message in a bottle, but these rice crispy treats didn’t fit. Love you. I hope you accept the award.” Laminate a certificate with these words on it.
  • Kiss that Makes Me Melt Medal: Guys love to hear how well they kiss, it makes them feel like kings to be frank. Take him a bag of some sour candy with a “gift message” like, “Even these candies don’t make me pucker as much as you do. On behalf of the ‘More Than Please Wives Committee’ I would like to present you with this award.” Print off a certificate with his new title, cut it in the shape of a medallion, punch a hole in it and loop some yarn or thread through it.
  • Warmest Hug Ever: Show him how he makes you feel when you’re in his arms.

Smiley Face


Even clients want to feel unique. They want to feel like individuals, not numbers. You could use certificates or print off business cards- make them feel as part of the company. Here are some Custom Awards ideas.

  • 5-Year Client: Show appreciation for your long-standing clients. Take them a delicious cherry
    cheesecake with a framed certificate in company letterhead with their name and the number of years they’ve been a client. Add a unique comment regarding something specific to them like, “First said it wasn’t for him, but has renewed 5 years in a row.”
  • My Most Knowledgeable Client: Many people take pride in being an expert in a subject or at least being very thorough about knowing something or researching it. Acknowledge their sense of pride. Print a business card just for them and give them a box of their favorite cookies. Do you know what their favorite cookies even are?
  • Best Referrer: Referrals are extremely important to stay afloat in business. Let them know how much you appreciate their help. Print the a business card unique to them, better yet, stick a business card magnet on the back of it so they see it all the time. Take them some gourmet, hard-to-find licorice taped to the outside of the bag.

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