Customized Candy: Not Everyone's the Same, Not Every Gift's the Same

Customized Giant Fortune Cookie

Customized Candy is for all you reading this that want to go the extra mile?

Do you want that special person to feel like you care so much that you pay attention to the fine details of who they are and you aren't just satisfied with any old gift?

Any candy gift is good and they will enjoy it, but here are some things to consider while selecting the best personalized candy gifts for someone you care about...

  1. What kind of candy or dessert do they like the most? Cookies, candy bars, M&Ms®, chocolate covered strawberries or apples, rice krispy treats?
  2. Will you deliver the gifts or drop them off?
  3. What type of decorative package do you wish the customized candy gifts to be placed in?
  4. What are their hobbies or interests: sports, cars, animals, etc?
  5. What are their favorite colors?
  6. What's the occasion: birthday, anniversary, new job, just saying, "I love you!"?
  7. What cute or clever message would you like to include with the gift? Do you have an "inside" message that only you share with them?
  8. Will this be a surprise or expected?

Personalized Candy Bars and Wrappers for a Party

Guys this is cool? But let me ask you a question.

If you experienced a big moment in your life or reached a milestone, wouldn't you feel special if someone recognized you for it? I sure would. Life gets so busy and sometimes you feel like no one notices. Here's your chance to notice.

Maybe your best friend is having a baby shower, or your sister is having a 1st birthday party for your niece, perhaps you want to help out with the wedding favors or birthday favors for your mom's 50th birthday party or maybe even you wish to contribute to dad's retirement party.

Ever wish you could be the one everyone asks, "Wow, what a gift, where did you find that?

Well, this customized candy gift is not something you can find just anywhere. It took me a while to find the right company that the right site and right quality product to offer you my valued visitors.

The Candy Wrapper Store allows you to design your own candy bar wrapper.

No matter the occasion: retirement, wedding, baby shower, 1st birthday, religious celebration, quinecanera, bridal shower. This is a site worth checking out!

Upload photos, choose fonts and colors, foil colors for miniature candy bar wrappers or regular size.

Most importanly the site is easy to follow and has attractive images of their products.

Personalized Giant Fortune Cookie

These customized candy gifts are not just your average ordinary, everyday gift either.

Want your boyfriend's eyes to pop out of his head?

Choose the romantic or congratulatory insert message, choose between several decorative, edible designs: hearts, butterflies, basketballs; occasion: graduation, birthday and more.

Wow your friend for her wedding or sister's baby shower. Wedding favors or baby shower favors are no problem either for regular-sized fortune cookies.

Expressive Fortunes is a very unique place to shop for your customized candy gifts for customized giant fortune cookies.

Get people talking about your awesome gift!

Message Chocolate Covered Strawberries for the Big Party or Intimate Occasion

Not all chocolate covered strawberries are the same, and not all customized candy gifts are the same!

This is THE gourmet candy gift of the them all and what better to improve upon it than to add a little something special to it...

A Design.

"Will you marry me?" proposal chocolate covered strawberries, "Happy Anniversary", "I miss you" strawberries for a long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend, "I'm sorry", "Happy Birthday", and even holiday strawberries..."Be my pumpkin", "I'm Irish kiss me", "Happy Thanksgiving" for your big family dinner together.

It gives me shivers looking at the screen while I think about how much someone will like this upscale, luxurious candy gift and how cool I will look being the one that bought it for them.

How cool would I feel to be the one that brought the box of "Santa Clause" chocolate covered strawberries to the Christmas party?

CC Berries has been producing high quality, 100% pure chocolate covered strawberries for years, but these customized logo chocolate covered strawberries are chocolate "gems" and are not just your ordinary candy gifts, customize the ultimate "king" of elite sweets gift.

Customized Birthday and Special Occasion Cookie Cakes

I love you Cookie Cake

Love Cookies?

I sure do, they're my favorite dessert. I could eat a ton of them, but how 'bout combining two candy gift classics into one great gift...cookie cakes!

In fact, let's take it a step further...

Cookie cakes with what your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, mother, father, grandma like...

Their favorite animals, sport, cars and trucks and more!

Great American Cookies offers the best

customized cookie cakes I have seen. Wish some to "Get Well" or "Congratulations" on a new job, welcome a friend into their new home, baby shower, "Thank You", "Happy Birthday" for your son or niece or client and more!.

But for me it's the design decorations that "take the cake" (sorry, pun YES intended).

Storks for "It's a boy", trains, ponies, dinosaurs, dolphins, monkeys, rocket ships and so on!

The only slight downside to Great American Cookies is they do not ship. You must find a store near you. If you have one near by this is not a problem. Call them, place the order, pick it up.

But you have to check the site out, you'll love it, I guarantee it!

Personalized M&M's®: Faces, Words, Logos...

This is one of the coolest customized candy gifts ideas I've come across yet!

Pictures of your baby's face for his 1st birthday or your dad's face for Father's Day, your long-distant boyfriend's favorite sports team, your girlfriend's favorite color, an "I love you!" message, an "I'm sorry" or "Get well" message, humorous "Drivers beware" for new driver message and any customized message for your someone special.

Eat customized M&M's® candies plain just as they are, use them to decorate sundaes, cookies, cakes, rice krispie treats, cupcakes and so on!

What will they like best?

What will everyone say about you when they see these crazy, cool customized candy gifts?

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