Deluxe Sweets and Candy's beginnings.

Chocolate Covered Apples

How did Deluxe sweets and candy begin? Well, my name is Rick and I live in Orlando, Florida. For quite some time now I have wanted to do business on the internet but was quite intimidated by the thought since I don't know much about building web sites or making e-books. However, I have had a small snack vending business for over 4 years now and figured if I could start one business I initially new nothing about why not learn how to start something on the web. I search online for different ideas and eventually found bits and pieces of information about affiliate sites. These kinds of sites let you promote products or services without maintaining an inventory. Believe me this is huge! And you can market your business all over the world and it even runs while you're sleeping! How could you beat that? Plus I found a site that helps beginners to the internet build their own professional-looking site called Solo Build It!.

The trick at the beginning was, "Well, what product or service should I promote?" After much brainstorming and scratching out ideas I couldn't think of something that I felt comfortable enough with. I finally merged two ideas I like: sweets and making people happy.

I designed Deluxe sweets and candy as a one-stop site where you could find gifts that most people enjoy: candy and desserts and have them delivered to their loved one's door after just a few clicks. Anyone with any budget could search here and find something for many different occasions whether it's someone's birthday, whether you want to congratulate someone for a big achievement, say "thank you", "I love you", etc. The range of candy gifts could be anything from chocolate covered apples to pies, cookies, cakes or even spiral gumball machines. And for those that want to make homemade gifts for free I have provided many candy recipes.

I also believe a good user-friendly site is very important for the satisfaction of the consumer. I've organized Deluxe sweets and candy's pages in a way that you can search for the ideal deluxe sweets gift by the candy item, person or occasion. As the site grows I will add links to outbound sites where you can find the item you want to be delivered to your recipient. There are many types of candy gifts and candy related items to choose from all condensed into one site. This will make things a lot easier for you.

The best time to surprise someone is when they least expect it. So you don't have to wait until it's a holiday. Sending a small gift or making one will stand out more than just sending a letter or email. And again since most people like gourmet candy of some type and deluxe sweets this will help you feel comfortable that you're going to spend the time to bring a smile to someone's face and not worry that they aren't going to like the gift.

This is also a great site for anyone that works in sales or owns a business to network for new business or help maintain your current client base. I had a realtor send me a box of cookies once long after he sold my house for me. It definetly stood out in my mind. Those that go the extra mile last the longest in business.

Have fun!

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