Friend Gifts: Tasty, Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Friend Gifts don't have to put a hole in your wallet. They still just appreciate the sentiment. There are many great and creative inexpensive gifts for friends that will make them feel special. You can make some homemade candy gifts or even order them something to have it delivered.

So what's the occasion?

Best Friend Gifts:

For your best friends I would recommend personalized gifts or at least taking the extra time to make something unique. They're your most special friends so let's do something more special, right? There are so many
delicious options to choose from.

You perhaps have different occasions you're considering...

  • Birthday
  • Graduation
  • Miss you
  • Thank you and so on

Here are some personalized and creative inexpensive gifts that will tease their taste buds.

Make sure you add a "gift message", which is a personalized, thoughtful or funny note. If you take them some chocolate covered pretzels you might write "I know I can often be a bit 'salty', so I decided to be sweet this time and covered the salt with chocolate and sprinkles."

Chocolate Covered Apple with M&Ms

Birthday Friend Gifts:

It doesn't have to be anything to extravagent, but here are some more inexpensive gift ideas for friends. Again just receiving a gift from their friend is enough.

You can pack any of these gifts in either a gift box or bag and include a "gift message" inside.

Miss You Friend Gifts:

Maybe you have a friend that lives far away or just simply you haven't spoken with them in a while. So let them know how much you mean to them. Try some of these ideas.

  • Chocolate Covered Nuts or Coffee Beans
  • Some "Retro Candy" from you were kids, something they would remember (there's a big variety on some online stores with good pics to remind you what they looked like)
  • Good old "cotton candy" packaged in little bags- I Love this stuff!!
  • You want somethign unique? Make some Candy Sushi. This link will redirect you to another page on my site. Just scroll down and check out the "how to" pictorial guide.

Not looking just for inexpensive gifts?

I will add some ideas for those occasions that money is not as much of an object.

Thank you for checking out this page. Please be sure to check out other pages for future occasions for all your loved ones.

Candy Sushi

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