Get Well Soon Gifts: Here Comes the Candy Doctor

Get Well Soon

You may not be a doctor, but you certain could prescribe some deluxe or gourmet Get Well Soon candy gifts.

Whether you purchase or make them homemade, send them or hand deliver them. "Feel Better" gifts should be high quality and give them a laugh or smile.

Gifts that last a bit longer would be most appropriate like fruit basket gifts or gourmet
chocolate gift baskets

Want to make them smile?

Check out some of the get well gift ideas below.

Get Well Soon Candy Recipes

Some of the best gifts are made by friends or others we care about. They make us feel important. Here are some great recipes both classic and unique to help someone get back to good health. At least they will warm their heart.

Make sure to make a big batch, again so it lasts, and to pack them in a decorative tin or basket. Then don't forget to make them laugh or smile with a creative gift message.

  • But one of my favorite homemade candy recipes to eat and make that is VERY tasty and will last longer is chocolate covered pecans (with pictorial guide).

Other Great Get Well Soon Candy Gifts- Send them a smile!

Get Well Soon Hot Chocolate

Don't want to make your own gifts?

I've found some good places for you to find great, gourmet gifts you can have delivered to those special people in your life.

  • Warm their heart, and stomach with a chocolaty warm beverage. Lake Champlain Chocolates offers a variety of flavors, and organic gourmet hot chocolate.
  • (probably the biggest assortment of chocolate gifts on the web) offers some unique "Doctors orders chocolate gift baskets and many other gourmet chocolate candy gift baskets.
  • Really want to make them smile? Check out the personalized get well gift baskets has for you to select from. Order themed cookies whether their decorated like animals, nurses and doctors jackets or sports balls, these cookies baskets and bouqets are unique and come already packaged in decorative baskets so you don't have to do the work.
How about a healty but delicious gift idea?
  • The Fruit Company has the best gourmet fruit basket gifts I've seen. Choose variations of high quality, hand-picked apples, pears, oranges and grapes, as well as unique tropical fruits you cannot find in stores, cultivated in fertile California soil.

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