Gift Baskets and Boxes: Many Gourmet Sweets and Candy Gifts

Fruit Gift Basket

Don't want to lose more precious time looking for the perfect gift?

Look no further Gift Baskets and Boxes are the perfect choice, BUT... must choose the right one!

They won't just like any gift basket so you choose wisely. Pick right and you could make that person happy for a while since the best baskets have many gourmet, quality items.

First start with the occasion. Then we will choose the type of basket. And don't forget to choose a clever gift message.

What's the occasion? Looking for something unique?


Maybe it's a regular occasion or maybe something out-of-the-ordinary. Check out the categories of gift occasions.

Anniversary: Wedding Anniversaries: 1st,5th,10th,25th,40th,50th; Dating Anniversaries: by month, by year; "When and Where We First Met" Anniversary; Company/Corporate Anniversary: 1st,5th,10th,15th,20th,25th,30th...

Baby Shower

Birthday: for baby, for child, for teen, for man, for woman; 1st, 13th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 75th, 100th

Graduation:Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grammar School, Middle School, High School, College, Graduate School, Advanced Degree, Technical School, Aviation School

New Baby


Religous: Baptism, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, First Communion


There are many more occasions from which to choose, but now which type of gift basket will they like the most?

Here are some things to consider: is the gift for one person or various, like a party, a whole family or for clients, their age, sex, interests, preferences for sweets, is this a one time gift or will this be a "gift that keeps on giving"(monthly, quarterly fruit clubs)?

Check out the yummy categories.

Chocolate Gift Baskets and Boxes

Gourmet chocolates in a decorative gift box, Ghirardelli chocolate bars, Chocolate Covered treats gift basket (pretzels, truffles, nuts, graham crackers, apples, popcorn, and more), popular candy bars...and all chocolate gift baskets can be DELIVERED by I don't think I have come across one single website that has a bigger and better quality selection of chocolate candy gifts.

Fruit Gift Baskets

Looking for more gourmet gifts?

Maybe they do NOT like or want candy. Maybe they want something healthier, and perhaps something very elegant.

Well, then look no further than This site is one of the inspirations for creating

Elegance, gourmet, artistic touch, all describe the fruit basket gifts you will find here. They have all the best selections I've ever seen.

Choose from organic fruits , some of the most exotic tropical fruits that I peronsally miss from when I lived in South America for a period and if you would like to regulary make grandma or grandpa happy or a group of healthy-minded people like clients or for a party throughout the year then have the BEST categories of fruit of the month clubs

Don't worry if you do not want to break the bank then you could choose to take part in a quarterly or semi-annual club.

Candy Gift Baskets

Maybe they want candy, but not chocolate.

They are so many different flavors and types of candy, not to mention candy past decades.

If you would like a good, solid selection of pure candy then has some good choices. I like sour flavors myself and it is also one of the most popular flavors amongst kids, so sour candy baskets will make a lot of teens and kids happy, and some adults too.

Now this is pretty cool too. Remember all that candy from years ago you can't just simply find in stores anymore, you know, candy from the 60's, 70's or 80's.

Well, has some unique retro and nostalgic candy boxes by decade. Make Dad or Mom happy with some candy they thought didn't exist anymore or indulge yourself or a childhood friend on their birthday.

Perhaps you could surprise one of your accounts with some of business gifts. Retro candy is great for corporate gifts.

Popcorn Gift Baskets

Popcorn, popcorn, popcorn! My favorite all-time snack. I admit my favorite is buttered, but for the purpose of this site, popcorn comes in so many different yummy flavors, not just caramel either!

Cinnamon Bun, Cinnamon Toast, Strawberries and Cream, White Chocolate are just some of the tasty flavors offered in the popcorn baskets and party tins you can purchase and have delivered at

Their popcorn baskets offer individual baggies of gourmet popcorn flavors as well as party tins for some great gifts.

Know any movie fans or fiends?

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