Gift Messages for Everyone and all Occasions

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Gift Messages are to deluxe sweets and candy gifts as what a cherry topping is to a sundae. They're that final touch. They can act as teasers for flirting, invitations for dates or appointments, feedback of gratitude or ice breakers for tense moments. Without these messages the gifts alone will suffice, but with them and you can add a powerful punch and jolt of excitement to bring you one step closer to your achievement whether it's to set up that date with the girl, reconcile your differences with your husband or wife, obtain the appointment with your prospect or just to acknowledge your sister's birthday.
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Gift Messages For Her

Maybe you said something you regret or you haven't seen her in while and you'd like to let her know just how much she's on your mind then "sorry messages" will help. Perhaps she is back home while you are on a business trip or deployed to a far off country and you want to write her some "miss you messages". What ever the occasion may be first choose a gift that you'd like to give her then choose the link below. A new window will open up so you can look through the different romantic messages to choose from or at least get some ideas to create your own Gift Messages for Her.

Gift Messages for Him

You can't get him off your mind. You just want to kiss him, but since he's away for three weeks for business in Florida or Texas you'll have to do the next best thing- send him one with a tasty deluxe candy gift and "romantic messages". Perhaps you had a bad week at work and you just snapped at him and said some things you normally wouldn't say and he wanted to do was spend some quality time with you Friday night. You can smooth things out and ask for his forgiveness by sending him a big sugar cookie with mini M&Ms&trade along with one of various "sorry messages". Maybe you just want to send him a bag of his favorite chocolate covered nuts accompanied with one of various "flirty messages" to express how much you LOVE HIM!

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Gift Messages Parents

You're sitting at your desk in your office and you look at the picture with you as a boy and your dad playing baseball in the back yard. You remember as if it were yesterday. Where did the time go? Or you're stuck in traffic on I-5 on the way home to work as you look up at a billboard with a picture of a mother zipping up her little girl's back pack. You
can be reminded of your parents at any moment
and you can send them a delicious treat at any
moment to brighten up their day along with different
"love messages" or "miss you meesages"


Gift Messages for Grandparents

Your grandma is so sweet always thinking of you and sending you cards. So why don't you do the same? Life, right? I know it happens to me too. But send her some delicious chocolate chip cookies or basket of Florida oranges and choose between different "funny messages" to make her laugh. And grandpa always seems to have an interesting story to tell or a quarter to pull out of your ear. So send him a tasty cherry pie or a box of some retro candy that reminds him of his childhood and with it choose between different "thank you messages" for all the times he spent with you as a child or for all the smiles he brings to your daughter.

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Gift Messages for Clients

Your clients are your blood stream to survival and you wish to show them your appreciation so they stay with you and remain YOUR clients and not your competitors'. Send some of your prized clients a surPRIZE, maybe a can of delicious hot cocoa or mocha cappuccino coffee, large chocolate chip cookies
or chocolate covered nuts. And don't forget to choose
from one of many "thank you messages" on the link below.
Perhaps you're tired of working the "cold leads" and you
need the help of your current clientele to capture some
referrals so you can start working the "warm leads" again.
Set up an appointment with some of your closest clients,
but don't do so until you've sent them a "thank you gift"
with a "need your help please message".

Gift Messages for Teachers

Without teachers our children wouldn't have much of a future to look forward to. Without teachers we would have as much time to spend playing with our kids because we would have to teach them all the grammar, mathematics, laws of science, spelling, handwriting and so on. We all agree teachers are an integral part of society. Let's show our appreciation for our children's teachers. You can set aside a couple hours one Saturday or weeknight to make a chocolate covered apple sprinkled with mini white chocolate chips along with one of the various "thank you messages" showing your appreciation for their hard work and dedication to your child's academic success.

Halloween Gift Messages

Spooky, creepy but funny. Borrow some of these to add to stickers, gift tags or greeting cards to go along with your "die-lightful" treats, whether they're party favors or just sweets to share with family or friends. Make 'em chuckle.

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