Gifts for him, he means so much to you, surprise him with sweets he can't resist.

Giant Fortune Cookie

Gifts for Him was created for those men in your life that you care about so much. You daydream about him at work, you miss him while he's away on a trip, when you're alone you imagine being in his arms. There's nothing you'd like to do more than surprise him with a gift to make him happy. Check out our favorite deluxe sweets and candy gifts for men below. Then take a peek at the occasions and HOT tips to drive him madly in love with you.

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I. Get some cool and unique candy gift ideas for him

II. Great "excuses" for giving- candy gifts for him by occasion

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IV. How to Make Personalized Cookies in Shapes of His Favorite Sports and Hobbies

Gifts for Him: Candy Gift Ideas

Check out our picks for some of the most unique and creative "gifts for him". More ideas to come.

  • Tabletop Gumball Machine: I found this little gumball machine which would fit on top of a bar or any table in his gameroom. You can pick his favorite college team's logo. This is a good price and it comes with the gumballs.

  • Big Gas Pump Gumball Machine: Great gift for a gameroom. This is freestanding and would look great next to a pool table, fooseball or air hockey table. Yes, this is more expensive, but it is about $1,000 less than the other sites I found it brand new. As a Buckeyes fan I would drool over an OSU machine like this next to an air hockey table with darts right near by. We can all dream, right?

  • Giant Fortune Cookies: Do you predict love in your future? These are cool! EdibleGiftsPLUS offers these awesome treats covered in all kinds of delicious candy. You write the fortune you want him to receive (you could be real kinky or just sweet and romantic) and choose what you wish the cookie to be dipped in, caramel, chocolate, etc! These are hot sellers! He'll get a kick out of this unique gift idea. Check 'em out!
  • Giant Basketball Cookie and Mini Football Cookies: Is he a sports freak? EdibleGiftsPLUS also offers these best-of-both-worlds treats. Then these decorated cookies will be right up his alley! You can get a BIG basketball, baseball or tennis balls cookie. It comes in a gift box. The football cookies are shaped like shoulder pads, first down markers, balls and helmets. Give him two things he likes, sports and desserts!
  • Cookie of the Month: Want him to remember you throughout the year? Is he a cookie lover? David's Cookies has been in business for a while and offers a Cookie Of The Month Club. Each month a different set of cookies is sent right to him. You could choose to send them quarterly instead. He'll have something to look forward to each month AND who will he think of each time he receives the package?
  • Caramel and Chocolate Covered Apples:Hannah's Caramel Apples has the biggest selection I've come across, they offer good prices and you can buy one-by-one. So if you only want one you can do that, or if you want to pick different ones of different flavors you can do that as well. Check out the S'mores apple! Uh, yum!
  • Gourmet Popcorn in tins (Discounted): Popcornopolis has great gourmet popcorn, of course, but also has some out-of-this world looking caramel apples for the Fall season. In fact, I worked out a 20% off COUPON
  • More Caramel and Chocolate Covered Apples(Discounted): Shari's Berries does a spectacular job on it's caramel apples, even though their specialty is strawberries. They have some shaped like baseballs and football, including the laces. I was able to get a 15% Off COUPON for you Deluxe Sweets fans. He'll love these treats. And don't worry, you'll get to try them too, but you'll have to lick them off his lips. You probably don't mind.

Gifts for Him Occasions and Creative HOT Tips to Make Him Madly in Love with You

I love you!

If he feels loved you'll feel loved. Check out these "gifts for him".

  • Tip #1: Gas Pump Gumball Machine with Favorite Team Logo.

    This gives him something to brag about to his friends and creates a closer bond between him and his team. When it arrives to the house place a card in an envelope and stick it on the box. Write a message to get him excited about the "after game party" more than the actual game like, "I love you Honey. Hope this makes cheering for your team even more fun. Just remember the real cheering starts the night after the game when we score a touchdown together!"

  • Tip #2: Cookie of the Month Club.

    Give him something to look forward to each month. Men too need to hear that you still love them. So add a message with the gift like, "Although you'll get a different flavor every month, my love for you stays sweet all year. Love you Baby!"

Hershey Kiss Cookies

Miss You!

Give him more reasons to see you soon with these "gifts for him."

  • Tip #1: Giant Fortune Cookie.

    He's away on a trip, or he's your long distance boyfriend, he's away at school or perhaps he's on training for his job. Make him tingle all over just thinking about you and itch to see you ASAP! Since you could write your own fortune, send him a message like, "A night you will never forget is in your future. Just remember to put the privacy sign on the door before you come in."

  • Tip #2: Caramel or Chocolate Covered Apples.

    Give him a unique delcious treat he doesn't have too often. Just remind him the best treat is not the treat itself, but what awaits him upon his return home. Send a message with the apple like, "If this apple isn't sweet enough for you, don't worry. You can taste my lips when you get back."

Best Chocolate Covered Apples and Caramel Apples

Thinking of You!

He's close by, not on a trip, but you can't get him off your mind. Your lives have been normal for awhile, nothing new. Mix things up a bit.

  • Tip #1: Chocolate Covered Strawberries of Cherries.

    Make him forget about work and change his mind on you. Spice up his week. Send a suprise package to his office or work place. Make sure it arrives by Thursday (or no more than a day before you both have off). have it delivered with a message like, "Now you've got the strawberries. I'll get the wine(or a sparkling
    beverage) and we can feed eachother like love slaves tomorrow

Deluxe Sweets Published Articles for Gifts for Him

Here are some articles I've written on the topic of "gifts for him" that have helped create a spark in many readers.

How to Make Personalized Homemade Cookies

So you want to give him something he'll like that is inexpensive, tastes good and is a bit unique? Maybe you just have a strong urge to show him how much you love him or maybe he's out of town for a while and you want to send him a piece of home. Whether it's a long distance boyfriend gift or you want to surprise your man with a tasty treat that he won't be able to put down and that'll make him think of you with every bite.

You can make him cookies in the shapes of his favorite football team's helmet or if he doesn't like sports a cookie in the shape of an object from his hobby. You could choose anything that he's passionate about whether it's his favorite car, a guitar cookie, the logo of his favorite band, the shape of the country he's from or a computer. Just choose a shape that won't have many narrow sharp edges since that will break during delivery.

You have two choices how to make your cookies: find cookie cutters for the shape you need or make your own cookie templates. Here I will show you a way to make your own templates if you don't have cookie cutters on hand.

Let's get started...

Palm Tree Outline

1. Start with a simple drawing of the desired object. If you're not the best artist you can create an outline using dots and then connect them at the end. The best way to find models to use for the drawings is to search for cookie cutter images. In this example I could do a search for "palm tree cookie cutter image" in Google. It's easier to draw the cookie cutter image than an image of an actual palm tree.

Palm Tree Cookie Cut Out

Variety of Personalized Cookie Cutters

2. Next cut out the shape from a sturdy piece of an index card. If you plan on using them again then you should laminate them to give them a protective plastic surface so that they don't soak in the grease from the butter.

Palm Tree Cookie Cutter on Dough

Cookie Cutters on Dough

3. Next place the cookie cutters on top of the cookie dough, which you make from your favorite cut-out sugar cookies recipe.

Cut out Shapes of Cookie Dough

4. Dip a butter knife in flour and cut around the shapes. Next comes the fun and artistic part.

Royal Icing on Cookies

5. Decorate the cookies. Use some basic techniques and as you make more sugar cookies gifts learn more advanced ones. Here you see royal icing being applied to the crab cookies. Icing will stick to the cookies better and maintain a smooth service. You can use frosting or icing, it's just by preference.

Use sprinkles, icing gel to draw words, lines or borders and other decorations that you can find at the store.

Crab cookies Dolphin cookies Alligator Cookies

Personalized Sugar Cookies

Close Up of Palm Tree Cookie

Space Shuttle Cookie

Your cookies gifts for him could be any shape and all different sizes. Don't limit your imagination. Just focus on what the loves of his life are, besides you of course. Then again you could make a cookie of your name. What is truly unique to him?.

These cookies I made aren't bad, but I know you could do better. Soon I will ask for you help. I will be in need of your best photos of your cookies gifts for him. I will show the best ones and maybe even ask for votes.

Please be sure to vote at the bottom of the page for the Best Gifts for Him.

Decorative Tin Box

If you will be sending the cookies then choose a decorative tin box for your gifts for him. You can find them online or at craft stores. Even if you're not sending them the box does make them more presentable, unless you think he's too manly for it.

If you will simply drop them off to him then you may just want to pack them in a sealed plastic container.

Pack Cookies in Box

Extra Wax Paper for Cookies

Pack these gifts for him in the tin. Place a protective layer of crumpled up wax paper or bubble wrap at the bottom and top to create a cushion between the cookies and the metal. Place wax paper between each layer of cookies. If you're sending them to your long-distance boyfriend or husband who's away on a trip within the US, then consider using the US Postal Service and sending them priority mail. My experience is that it is reliable and inexpensive. I sent these cookies in these photos to my grandma from Florida to Ohio priority mail and they got their in three days. They cost me around $7 to send and they were as good as new upon arrival. I even sent them in Florida summer time and the icing still didn't melt.

If you live in another country check prices and shipping methods with your local post service or courier.


  • Box shaped-tins will allow more space than round ones.
  • Now that you will be creating more deluxe sweets and gourmet dessert gifts for loved ones. Keep extra packing supplies around such as bubble wrap, cardboard, styrofoam and any other supplies that come in the boxes of miscellaneous products you buy.

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