Fun Gifts for Kids They Love to Eat and Make.

Gummy Worm Dirt Cake

Gifts for Kids are tasty, unique and fun for children to eat and to make. Would you like a fun activity to do with your kids? Would you like for them to learn cooking skills at an early age? Then check out the "easy recipes for kids" I have hand-picked for your family enjoyment. Your kids will receive a lot of gratification and a sense of accomplishment after creating some cute culinary pieces of art. YES, there still is more for kids to do than play video games!

Deluxe Sweets and Desserts Kids Love to Eat

Are you a grandmother who wants to create a tasty treat for your grandkids? Are your kids' friends coming over next Saturday and you would
like to make a dessert to finish off their lunch? Or
maybe you have a family get together and you
want desserts for the adults and another for the
kids. Whatever the occasion check out the
variety of fun and unique desserts below.

  • Yummy Magic Wands
  • Cookie Pizza
  • Buckeyes
  • Candy Sushi

Lady Bug Cupcakes

Cupcakes for Kids

Cupcakes can be fun and easy to decorate and they make great gifts for kids. Children love to eat 'em because they look cool and taste good! Cupcakes can be created for birthdays for all kinds of themes: pirates, animals, princesses, sports, etc. Even if not for a birthday party you can still create fun cupcakes for an afternoon with the kids, a visit to see the grandkids
or even a get-together with neighbors,
friends or family. Start reving up your
creative juices with the variety of
cupcake decorations below.

  • Beach Bear Cupcakes
  • Bunny Cupcakes
  • Cat Cupcakes
  • Octopus Cupcakes
  • Butterfly Cupcakes
  • Spider Cupcakes
  • Ladybug Cupcakes

Gifts for Kids to Make

Dinosaur Cookie with Gummy Drops

These gifts for children are the most fun because you will be sharing an activity with them so they can make the gifts for themselves to enjoy. Or of course they could feel the satisfaction of making a homemade gift for grandma or grandpa, their teachers, other family members like aunts, uncles, friends of the family or pastors, priests and so on.

What a great way to share the gift of giving with kids to have them create them with your help. Check out the variety of recipes for kids to make.

  • Dirt Cups with Gummy Worms
  • Gummy Bear Cookies
  • Cupcakes for Kids
  • Cut Out Sugar Cookies

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