Gifts for Parents: Giving Back

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Gifts for Parents are a great way to give back to say "thank you" or "love you." Our parents have always been there for us through thick and thin. There's no better time to send or take them a gift than now. Don't wait until just their birthday or a holiday. You can take them a delicious dessert or candy gift at any moment.

So what are some unique occasions to take parents gifts?

"Mrs. Jones, Please Come to the Office"

A sudden "beep" came over the loud speaker in the empty classroom while Mrs. Jones graded papers during a break between classes.

"Mrs. Jones," the secretary asked. "Are you there Mrs. Jones?"

"Yes, why yes I am," she replied.

"Mrs. Jones could you please come to the office?

She stopped what she was doing, stood up from the desk and walked out the door of the room. As she walked down the hall she thought to herself, "What possibly could they need me in the office for at this time of the day?" Maybe it was the principal to inform her if she had permission to go on her much awaited vacation or perhaps it was a parent concerned about the behavior or performance of her child. "Wow, I hope it's something positive."

She strolled down the hall worried that something might be wrong

Upon arrival to the office the secretary greeted her warmly and handed her a curious-looking, brown box.

"Here you go Mrs. Jones. This was delivered to you today by courier. I'm not really sure what it is. Maybe you have a secret admirer."

"Oh, you're so funny you always have to tease me about something."

The box was labeled fragile so she carefully opened it up and with great amazement pulled out an assorted cheesecake made up of many different flavors.

"Who could this be from?", she thought. She then noticed an envelope with a letter in it. She pulled it out and read it.

"Thank you for being such a loving mother. Love you. Your son."

For the rest of the week Mrs. Jones was overcome with joy for receiving such a pleasant surprise. She felt appreciated and special that her son did something so thoughtful and spontaneous.

This could be you. Would you like to surprise your mom with a deluxe sweets gift today?

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If you'd rather not make your gifts for parents yourself and have something delivered, then "David's Cookies" can take care of you. They offer some great cheesecake or cookie options. If you would like to remind your mother or father more frequently how much you think and care about them then check out their David's Dessert of the Month Club - A New Flavor Every Month For a Year! . Your parents get a different dessert
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Major Occasions

These occasions are moments your mother or father could anticipate receiving gifts for parents.


As a minor gift to go along with a bigger gift like a camera, vacation or new bed, gourmet desserts can be sent ahead of time by themselves with great "gift messages" to tell them how much you love them and to give a hint of what other gift is to come.


Send them a dessert or candy gift ahead of their birhtday to invite them to dinner or to get them excited about their big party. Desserts and candy make great smaller gifts for parents during big moments.


Send or take them a different candy gift each week in December leading up to Christmas. Write different "gift messages" with each gift you send and package them different too.

Choose other holidays too like Independence Day, New Year's, Thanksgiving and so on. There's never a bad moment for a gift.

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Unique and Creative Occasions for Gifts for Parents

Here are some moments that will bring your parents some laughs and maybe tears of joy. You come up with ideas for what to make them.

  • Thank you for watching my dog while I was on vacation
  • 15-year anniversary of our first family Disney trip
  • Thinking of you, saw a picture of you and decided to send a gift
  • Remember this? (Send the gift with a picture of a memorable moment)
  • Guess how many times I thought about you this past week
  • If not for you, you wouldn't have a grandson/granddaughter to spoil. Thank you for giving birth to me
  • Happy Unbirthday
  • A gift on the day of your favorite number (random month)
  • 20-year anniversary of our first ball game together
  • Miss the good 'ole days (any traditional activity or moment you had with your mother or father many years ago)
  • Look forward to your visit (or trip), thought I'd send you a gift

There are truly a number of different occasions. They can be for both parents or just one. Just be creative and make sure it's as personal to them or something that actually happened. It'll mean a lot more to them than just a generic gift with no meaning.

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