Gourmet Chocolate Candy: the Ultimate Gift Chocolates
How to Make Handmade Fine Chocolates

Handmade Gourmet Chocolate Candies

Ever wonder how to make handmade gourmet chocolate candy? It's not too difficult, you can do it. See the process how you too can make these dessert delicasies and give them away as gifts.

The combinations are endless. You can match numerous fillings such as hard or soft caramel, peanut butter, lemon, cherries, cherry flavored filling, strawberry cheesecake, various other fruit flavors, lemon, marshmallow, butterscotch. You can also add nuts of all kinds, almonds, peanuts, pecans, etc. Add glazes on top and cover with milk or dark chocolate.

With the correct molds you could make your own candy bars from scratch!

You can buy many supplies online or at stores such as D & G Occasions here in Orlando, Florida. This is absolutely one of the coolest candy making stores you'll ever see. Next time you come down to visit Orlando stop by, you won't regret it. They have walls and walls of chocolate molds and other candy making supplies.

And then of course finalize your masterpiece gifts by packaging them in beautiful gift boxes.

Ingredients for Making Gourmet Chocolate Candy

  • Merckens Chocolate Coating Wafers (milk or dark chocolate)- they taste great, are priced right and keep their shine!
  • B & K Redi Centers- these are fillings
  • Fillings of your choice- including cherries

Supplies for Making Gourmet Chocolate Candy

  • Chocolate Candy Molds- they come in a limitless number of shapes from simply rectangles to rose shaped
  • Small Fine Point Horse Hair Paint Brushes
  • Plastic Sauce Bottles- ketchup and mustard style, you only need two, one for dark chocolate and one for milk chocolate, but you should have many cleaned, ready-to-go tops since the chocolate may harden and clog up the openings, it's easier just to replace them
  • Double Boiler
  • Towels- both wet and dry to clean hands and brushes

How to Make Gourmet Chocolate Candy: Do-It-Yourself Pictorial Guide

Chocolate Painted Candy Molds

1. Paint Molds

  • After melting chocolate in double boiler and filling the sauce bottle with just enough for the first batch, squeeze a small amount into about half of the cavities of the molds.
  • With paint brush, brush a light coating up the sides all the way up to the edges. Hold up to light to ensure light does not shine through or when adding the centers, the filling will show through the chocolate.
  • After finishing the first set of
    cavities do the same process
    for the rest in the same mold.

Fillings for Gourmet Chocolate Candies

2. Add Center Fillings

  • Make sure chocolate has hardened just a bit then add filling to the cavities of the first mold add your first filling of choice into each cavity. Do not add too much in each cavity or when topping off with the chocolate the filling will pertrude above the edge and you fill not have a flat bottom.
  • You can be creative, but have your fillings ready before you paint the cavities. You can add nuts inside, mix up the fillings per mold, although you might want to keep it simple the first time around and only use a couple different fillings like caramel and peanut butter.

Top Off Candies with Chocolate

3. Top Off with Chocolate

  • Choose milk or dark chocolate then fill each cavity, but do not allow it to overflow. You'll learn which chocolate goes best with each filling.
  • After filling each cavity, grab the sides of the mold and tap until chocolate lies flat and even across the tops of each cavity.

Candies on Racks in Fridge

4. Place in Refrigerator then Start on Next Mold

  • Only leave in fridge for about 20-30 minutes at the most

Remove Gourmet Chocolates from Molds

5. Remove Chocolates from Molds

  • Pop them out over a clean table top or cutting board, lightly push on top of plastic above each cavity and chocolates will plop out the bottom onto the table
  • If pushing from the top does not work, lightly squeeze from the sides, but BE CAREFUL NOT TO SQUEEZE TOO HARD or you will smash the chocolates

Finished Gouremt Chocolate Candy

6. Set Aside to Dry for about 24 Hours

  • Place them on trays or in open box

Variety of Gourmet Chocolate Candies

7. Package Gourmet Chocolate Candy

  • Package them in decorative gift boxes, add ribbons, labels, etc.
  • Include cute or romantic gift messages.
  • Let your imagination run wild.

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