Gourmet Cookies: Deluxe Cookie Recipe List

Do you have any favorite Gourmet Cookies?

I sure do! This list will be ever growing, as we add more recipes to it and attempt to invent our own recipes.

So may I ask you a question? Do you really want to impress others about what cookies you can make?

These aren't your average, everyday deluxe cookies that you would easily find in most stores. And the taste will knock you on the floor. Bag 'em for gifts in plastic bags and tie them off with ribbons or twist ties.

Are you ready?

Italian Biscotti

Italian Biscotti are one of the most known gourmet cookies. You see them in coffee shops everywhere. Hard on the outside, brittle on the inside, these long sliced cookies will impress anyone. Dip them in hot beverages like hot chocolate, gourmet coffee or tea.

Learn more about the Italian Venetian baking history.

The combination of flavors is endless from lemon, coffee, chocolate, almond, poppy seed, hazelnut, maple, on and on and on.


Wafers and Thins

Light, tasty, crunchy and fragile, some coated with textured chocolate on one side. Some are folded, curled or rolled, some flat and round; cream filled or laced with nuts some of the most popular cookies in the world. These cookies are the perfect deluxe treat for a small appetite.

  • Cherry Florentine Cookies : Chocolate coated on one side, integrated with pieces of candied cherries throughout. Chocolate and cherry lovers beware!
  • Chinese Fortune Cookies: Yes, homemade fortune cookies! You can actually make these. A variation a bit different than what you might find in the stores or Chinese Restaurants, and fun to make. Write out your own fortunes, make someone's dream come true. Well, not exactly, but impress them and make 'em smile.


Fluffy, light, melt in your mouth, many different flavors and colors, add bits and pieces of candy, dip some in chocolate. Sandwich 'em together with cream filling. Enjoy?

  • Strawberry Meringues: easy to make, soft, will melt in your mouth gourmet cookies
  • Peppermint Meringues : Red or Green, covered with bits of peppermint or left plain, dip in chocolate (milk or white) or without, great for holiday season, but I love them whenever. Great with tea.
  • Chocolate Meringues: one of the more popular flavors, light and addictive deluxe sweets



Macaroons, sometimes "macarons", come in different forms, but the most popular ones are multi-colored gourmet sandwich cookies will all kinds of filling from fruit pate, to marmalade, to frosting. They can be fruity, chocolaty, savory and more. 

Don't you love gourmet cookies? In the mood to make some for someone else? Check out some ideas how to package deluxe cookies as gifts.

Got any great recipes? Want your own page to display your favorite cookies? Send them in (preferably with your own pics) and we will create the page for you and notify you when it is ready. Thank you in advance. We can't wait for you to show off your favorites.

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