Gourmet Licorice: Where to Buy Best Licorice

Licorice Twists Flavors

Having trouble finding your gourmet licorice candy gift in the stores? Too many online candy stores to choose from?

Don't worry. We've filtered down the thousands of online stores to provide you some great choices. There is a large variety of kinds of licorice as well as flavors and these hand-picked sites have what
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Aussie Licorice

Some of most beloved licorice in the world comes from Australia. The most common flavors are red or black and you can also buy other great flavors of Kookaburra Aussie Licorice is at Nuts Online like mango, green apple, dark chocolate covered in either one-pound bags or five-pound bags.

Licorice Twists

The most popular of all of the kinds. Twists come in all different flavors such as...

  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Grape
  • Cinnamon
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Red Raspberry
  • Green Apple
  • Root Beer

You can buy licorice twists at the Candy Warehouse or other tasty Licorice Twists Flavors at Licorice Candy Twist (gotta love the site, so delicious you'll want to eat the candy right off the screen.

Shoestring Licorice and Sour Straws

Kids love Shoestring licorice and so do traveling adults since it's so easy to pack. And you guessed it, there are more flavors than just red and black, try...

  • Sour Apple
  • Sour Blue Raspeberry
  • Assorted Colors and Flavors

Blair Candy offers different flavors of Shoestring Licorice both regular and sour. The Candy Warehouse also has their share of delicious flavored Licorice Laces and Sour Licorice Straws , although you must buy a 15 lb case. So you can also get more Flavored Sour Licorice Straws at Candy Direct.

Nuggets, Bites and Licorice Wheels

These fun licorice shapes offer another way to enjoy this yummy snack. Nuts Online offers Licorice Wheels and some hard-to-find Sour Soft Licorice Nuggets can be found at the Candy Warehouse in sour green apple, mango and purple grape.

Sugar Free and Natural Licorice

Sugar Free candy can be hard to find and much harder to find would be Natural Licorice, but at the Candy Warehouse you can buy Sugar Free Licorice Drops, Vines Twists, and Scottie Dogs,

If you're looking for Natural Licorice then check out the Black and Red Natural Licorice at the Natural Candy Store

Other Gourmet Licorice

For something different check out the unique taste of Double Salt Licorice.

These hard licorice buttons have twice the salt that normal salt licorice has, great contrast flavor. Their 3 kg cases are imported from Holland. Or check out the case of Sea Salt Black Licorice that comes in shapes of sea-related objects like sea gulls, light houses, fish and buoys! For all those black licorice connoisseurs give them a true gourmet licorice treat.

Licorice Toffee Candies come individually packaged in silver wrappers. The cases are big so you may wish divide into separate gift bags then give them as candy gifts to a few different people.

OK this might be the most unique candy gift on the gourmet licorice page. Licorice Pipes are licorice shaped like pipes that come in both red and black flavors. They come in 60 piece display boxes. They are perfect for someone with a richer taste in old fashioned, nostalgic candy like grandpa or dad.

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