Where to buy Gourmet Toffee?

English Toffee

Looking for tasty deluxe sweets or candy gifts to leave an impression? GOURMET TOFFEE makes great gifts for clients, maybe for your best friend, maybe even for yourself?

Toffee comes in many flavors such as Almond Toffee, Chocolate Covered Toffee, or even White Chocolate Toffee, but not all online candy stores are the same either so here are some great picks for you and why we've selected them. Enjoy!

  • FREE Almond Toffee
    yes it's true...

    ...for just the shipping of $3 receive " Taste the Toffee" FREE Toffee Samples of white chocolate almond toffee, dark chocolate almond toffee, and milk chocolate almond toffee shipped to your door by englishtoffeeanytime.com ! I couldn't believe it either when I first saw it.

    They hope you like their candy enough that you'll order more and any orders you purchase come with free standard shipping.

  • Gourmet Almond Toffee only $7.50

    Great quality usually means HIGH prices, but not at arizonatoffee.com. Find delicious and Cheap Almond Toffee candy gifts for the people you care about for as little as $7.50 for 1/2 lb. Good luck finding it for less anywhere on the web.

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