Delightful Grandparents Gifts and the story of the Secret Package

Chocolate Covered Apple with M&Ms

The Powerful Impact of Grandparents Gifts...

In the still of the quiet afternoon a sudden, quick knock thumped on the front door. Grandma was curiously surprised to find an unanticipated, special delivery marked, "Gifts for grandma", being handed to her.

An artistically, designed deluxe chocolate-covered apple with M&Ms lay hidden inside the package. Little did she know that her grandson 1,000 miles away had searched for the ideal grandma gift to have delivered and discovered this sweet candy treat.

She persistently would hint to him that she wished to receive a card, but this is more than just a card and gave her a big, bright smile.

Gifts are so powerful. And gifts for grandma are no different. Sure a card is sweet, but why not change things up for once and send her something she'll enjoy twice, once to receive it and once to eat it?

A Taste of Florida

Assorted Florida Fruit Basket

What do you think of these grandparents gifts idea? Florida citrus fruit delivered straight from a Florida orange grove. Of course you could just stop by the local supremarket and pick up a bag of oranges, but what kind of impact is that going to make?


Imagine Grandpa unwraps a delivered package and pulls out a wicker basket full of Florida Citrus products stamped Florida Oranges .

The effect of the crate and the delivered package creates a more involved and delightful experience rather than a plastic bag of oranges from the store up the street, don't you agree ?

In fact there are some great Fruit of the Month clubs offered by various Florida farms, or if you want to save some money you could send your grandparents fruit baskets by season or quarterly.

Some more Unique Grandparents Gifts

Tropical Sugar Cookies

So you want something truly UNIQUE to make Grandma and Grandpa's eyes open up real wide? Find some unique shapes to make some fun sugar cookies. What are some of their hobbies? Does he play golf? Does she like gardening? Or what's something unique to you that will remind your grandparents of you? I live in Florida so I could
make them some sugar
in the shapes of tropical fish, palm trees or flamingos. If you're a musician or car mechanic then you could make cookies in the shapes of musical notes, instruments or tools. If you don't wish to make them yourself then you could also order some great grandparents gifts cookies from various online stores and have them delivered.

David's Cookies offers the perfect gift that keeps on giving: Cookie Of The Month Club - Join Now!. You could give grandma and grandpa some delicious cookies by the month, every 3 months or twice a year. They even offer a Dessert of the Month Club. Have your grandparents wait in anticipation for what kind of cookies or desserts they will receive next. And the coolest part is you don't have to do much of anything, just take a peek at the options, select and the rest is done for you! The cookies arrive right to grandma's front door, just like the story above.

If you would like to make your own, then check out a sugar cookie recipe that shows you how to personalize your cookies gifts without even having the proper cookie cutters! What a great idea in a down economy.

Caramel Apple Bites

Now this is truly a UNIQUE deluxe sweet gift! Caramel Covered Apple Bites! You could get real creative with this gift idea. Just use a recipe for dipping apples in sauce like a chocolate covered apples recipe, but instead of using whole apples you cut them into small pieces, dip them with toothpicks and then cover them with all different kinds of sweet toppings. You could place them in small paper cups like the ones shown here and then put them in decorative tins and wrap the tin with a bow.

If you'd like more homemade grandparents gifts ideas take a good look at homemade candy recipes.

More Delicious Gift Ideas for Grandma and Grandpa

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