Halloween Cards: Don't Scare 'Em, Make 'Em Smile

Halloween Ghost Cookies

Add these FREE printable Halloween Cards to your candy gifts or just send them to someone special to make them smile. Or perhaps you could attach them to party favors for your spooky Halloween parties.

FIRST, check out this article for ideas on gift messages to print on your cards...

Gift Messages for Halloween Cards

Halloween party favors and treats ideas will fill tables at parties, magazines covers at the grocery stores and explode all over the internet, but why not add some Halloween "spice" to the treats themselves. No, not pumpkin spice or cloves, I mean "humor".



Gift messages printed on greeting cards or stickers. (For more creativity adorn the cards or stickers with Halloween images.)

Entertain their taste buds with flavor and the hearts with a chuckle.

Here are some "spooky" and creepy" gift messages you could use print on your gift cards. Use these for ideas then create some of your own. The smaller messages would fit on stickers.

(***TIP: To make stickers use your favorite paint program then copy image to a word processing program. Instead of printing image on regular paper, print it on sticker stock.)

  • Be careful, these treats are to die for.
  • Good at first, but the after taste is 'to die for'.
  • These taste die-licious. Don't eat too many.
  • They're so good it's scary.
  • Flavor out of this world. See you in the next one.
  • Best Halloween treats you'll have in your life. Now take one with you to the next life.
  • These treats are perfect! Their flavor is dead on.
  • Be careful. Don't 'bite the dust'.
  • Bite the treat, not the dust.
  • Try one. A "deadly" recipe.
  • Try one. They're die-lightful.

Clever, cute, but not too scary, find some candy recipes on this site to make those tasty treats for your parties or candy gifts then print off several different cards that we have provided you here.

Future FREE downloadable cards will be emailed to subscribers to our candy newsletter , "The Gourmet Candy Shoppe Gazette".

TIP: To print on card stock use Avery #8315
Matte White Note Cards. You can find these packets at your local office supply store. They include envelopes too. Some of the cards on this page are designed to open right-to-left, while others open from the bottom to the top.

Halloween Rice Crispy Treats and Sugar Cookies
Greeting Cards

Rice Crispy Treats are yummy, but nothing beats these chocolate covered Halloween RCTs. Our eery bats and ghouslish ghosts will make others smile.

And sugar cookies were never meant to look this scary, um, I mean this good.

If you'd like to know how to make some chocolate covered Halloween Rice Crispy then check out these Halloween Rice Crispy Treats recipes to make your own then download and print these Halloween Cards to combine the two.

Halloween Bat
Rice Crispy Treat
Greeting Card
Halloween Ghost
Rice Crispy Treat
Greeting Card

Halloween Bat Greeting Card

Halloween Ghost Greeting Card

Click Here to
Download Bat Rice Crispy Treat
Greeting Card
Click Here to
Download Ghost Rice Crispy Treat
Greeting Card

Halloween Boo Ghost
Sugar Cookie
Greeting Card

Halloween Boo Pumpkin Sugar Cookie

Click Here to
Download Boo Pumpkin Sugar Cookie
Greeting Card

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