Heart Rice Crispy Treats: A Sweet Gift for your Sweetheart

Heart Rice Crispy Treat Close Up

Looking for a homemade gift for Valentine's Day? Check out these Valentine's Day Heart Rice Crispy Treats.

Rice Crispy Treats still lead the way as the number one candy gift on this site so here's the next big hit. I've tried a new technique to decorate them. Each heart is different one from the other. All very appetizing to look at and even more upon placing one in your mouth.

Check out how to these treats look using sauce squeeze bottles to cover them in chocolate.

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How to Make Valentine's Day Heart Rice Crispy Treats- Pictorial Recipe


  • 6 Cups Frosted Crisped Rice Cereal
  • 3 Tablespoons of Butter (sticks)
  • 1 Bag of Mini Marshmallows (10 oz bag)
  • 1/4 Cup Favorite Valentine's Candy (Preeferably Soft, Chewy Candy)
  • 1 Drop of Peppermint or Cinnamon Candy Flavoring (your choice)
  • 1 Package per Color of
    Merckens® or Wilton's ®Chocolate Coating Wafers (12 oz.)- red and pink
  • Red and Pink Colored Sugar Crystals

Supplies for Making Treats:

  • Large Mixing Bowl
  • Large Sauce Pot
  • Wooden Spoon or Plastic Spoon
  • Cooking Spray
  • Large Baking Dish
  • valentine's Heart Cookie Cutter

Supplies for Decorating Heart Rice Crispy Treats:

  • Medium or Large Sauce Squeeze Bottles (one per color)
  • Double Boiler or 2 Small Microwaveable Bowls (one per color)
  • Spoon
  • Toothpicks
  • Rubber Spatula
  • Large Pot (filled 1/4 the way up with water)

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Prepare the Treats

1. Spray baking dish and set aside. Measure and set cereal in large mixing bowl and set aside.

2. Melt butter in sauce pot on low heat. Once starts to melt add package of marshmallows. Stir with wooden spoon or plastic spoon.

3. Once completely melted and in liquid form remove from heat. Add one drop of peppermint or cinnamon candy flavoring and stir well.

4. Pour marshmallow mix from sauce pot into cereal in large bowl. Spray wooden spoon with cooking oil and stir well. Add a small amount of the candy you've chosen to use then stir. Do this several times until the candy is used up.

TIP: I used a hard, cinnamon flavored candy, but if I were to do this recipe again I would choose a soft, chewy one or the traditional sugar Valentine hearts with messages. If I had used the sugar hearts I would have pulverized them, then mixed them in. The purpose of adding candy is for extra flavor and and for an extra texture, something else to bite into with a different feel than the treats themselves.

Pressed Crisped Rice Cereal into Baking Dish

Pressed Crisped Rice Cereal with Cinnamon Candies

5. Press mix into baking dish then place in refrigerator for about 15-20 minutes to harden faster. This step will also make it easier to shape the treats with the cookie cutter.

Heart Cookie Cutter

Cookie Cutter for Heart Rice Crispy Treats

6. Remove from refrigerator and press cookie cutter into mix. Use left over mix to press into cookie cutter in order to top off treats. Stuff as much mix into the cookie cutter for each rice crispy treat. The fuller the treat, the easier it will be to cover in chocolate and the more uniform each treat will be. Set treats on tray and keep aside for the time being.

Heart Rice Crispy Treats Ready for Decorating

Heart Rice Crispy Treats- ready for decorating

Prepare Chocolate for Decorating

1. Now it's time to prepare the melted chocolate. I prefer to use a double boiler. I find it easier to monitor the chocolate to make sure it doesn't burn and in this recipe I melted a good amount of each color which made the double boiler a better choice for me over small microwaveable bowls. However, if you do not have a double boiler then you could use the microwave instead and it will still work just fine.

Double Boiler and Water Filled Pot Set Up

Double Boiler and Water Filled Pot Set up

If using the double boiler then start on low heat. Do not use high heat or you will burn the chocolate. Add only enough water to cover the bottom pot of the double boiler about a quarter to half inch up. Do not let the water touch the bottom of top pot. Let the burner heat up just a bit before placing double boiler on it. Once the chocolate shows signs of softening then stir with metal spoon. Repeat until completely liquid.

If using the microwave instead then place enough chocolate to fill half the bowl. Choose one color at a time. On 50% power warm chocolate for 50 seconds. Remove and stir. If soft and liquidy go to next step, if not repeat step, but in 10-second intervals. (Make sure to reset power each time.)

Plastic Bag in Glass

Plastic Bag in Glass

Chocolate in Sealable Plastic Bag

Sealable Plastic Bag in Glass

2. Now it's time to transfer the chocolate into the squeeze bottles. The easiest technique I've discovered so far is to place a large plastic sealable bag into a large glass or in my case here, a liquid measuring cup. Open the bag up and spoon the chocolate in.

Plastic Bag in Squeeze Bottle

Plastic Bag in Squeeze Bottle

Then cut off one corner of the bag (face the corner up towards the ceiling as you cut it or it will pour out). Stick the opened corner into the squeeze bottle and squeeze out chocolate into bottle. Place the cap on the bottle and place into pot with warm water. Keep pot on burner and warm it on low heat, not high heat or you will burn chocolate. Should be warm NOT hot. Without this step the chocolate would just dry up in the bottle.

Repeat melting steps with both colors before proceeding to next decorating step.

TIP: If you have a separate, individual burner like you see here it will be easier to decorate since you could keep it closer to your work area. If you use this then make sure to place it on a non-flameable surface. I used a cutting board underneath it.

Decorated Valentine's Heart Rice Crispy Treats

Decorated Valentine's Heart Rice Crispy Treats

3. Remove treats from fridge and place on plate in order to begin decorating it. Now you will squeeze the chocolate onto the treats. I played around with different decorating techniques. To spread the chocolate first squeeze chocolate onto the treat, then spread it with spatula in order to flatten it. So take a look at the different pics of treats to get some ideas. You can create different styles of borders by changing the motion in which you squeeze the bottles. Or check tip below.

Add colored sugar crystals immediately after applying chocolate.

Close Up Heart Rice Crispy Treats

Another Close Up of Heart Rice Crispy Treats

Arrow in Heart Rice Crispy Treat

Arrow in Heart Rice Crispy Treat

Milk Chocolate Chips on Valentine's Rice Crispy Treats

Milk Chocolate Chips on Valentine's Rice Crispy Treats

Valentine Heart Seal Rice Crispy Treat

Valentine Heart Seal Rice Crispy Treat

TIP: You could also use a pastry bag to pipe on chocolate just like you would decorate a sugar cookie. I would still place chocolate in squeeze bottles first and then in pot in order to keep chocolate melted. Then squeeze the chocolate into the pastry bags with the desired tip. I would use many different pastry bags and set them all up with the appropriate tips. Perhaps double up the tips and bags per color. You do not want to use the bag then rinse for the next color. Add small amounts of chocolate each use and practice piping each tip before applying to treat.

After decorating let chocolate set in order to harden.

Place them in gift boxes or just wrap them in cellophane bags to give as gifts. You could even place lollipop sticks in the to create rice crispy treat lollipops. Then place them in cellophane bags. Place stickers on the bages for added effect.

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