Hershey Tour:
Ultimate Chocolate Factory Experience, Plus Amuzement Park, and Yes, Free Chocolate Samples

Hershey Tour
Hershey's Chocolate World Attraction
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Milton Hershey

What a fascinating story about a true American entrepreneur. Milton Hershey discovered that success does come over night. Having failed more than succeeded and out of money by the age of 30 he would become one of the wealthiest and well-known men of his time, not only building a successful business, but taking care of his people by constructing a charming and multi-faceted town in which to live, play and work.

Having failed many times at building a candy business, Milton started to devote his efforts to learning the art of creating quality caramel and chocolate. These efforts of learning how to make candy and the persistence of becoming a successful businessman finally paid off when he created a caramel company. He sold the caramel company to focus on chocolate-making which lead to the company we all know today.

Milton was not just set on building a business in which to become rich. He believed in order to have a successful business you need to take care of your people and engineered the town of Hershey to provide the citizens plenty of schools for education, transportation, housing and entertainment.

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Hershey Chocolate History

Back at the turn of the century in the early 1900s chocolate was a luxury item for the wealthy. Milton Hershey had the vision of creating chocolate products that anyone could afford and with that idea came mass production of his world renown candy bars and other chocolate shaped products at the time. Hershey® KISSES came to fruition in 1907 and in 1921 the “plume” insert was added to signify it was an official Hershey quality product.

Over the next few decades the company expanded into new products such as Mr. GOODBAR, Hershey syrup, chocolate chips and the KRACKEL Bar. Hershey supplied H.B. Reese’s candy company the chocolate to cover his peanut butter cups who also was located in Hershey. After a good and long-standing relationship between the two companies and seven years after Reese’s passing, the company was sold to Hershey.

Through expansion and the acquiring of many other companies or the purchase of the rights to others Hershey today produces many types of candies and also grocery products and maintains a workforce of about 14,000 employees and gross multi billions of dollars a year.

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Experience some of the following for the ultimate Hershey Tour experience

Chocolate Tour Ride

Free tour starts you in the rain forests where cacao beans are harvested then return to Hershey, PA and continue the ride through a simulated chocolate factory so you can witness the production of milk chocolate. The Hershey Tour ride concludes with, you guessed it, free chocolate samples!

Hershey’s Chocolate Tasting Adventure

The ultimate chocolate lover’s experience is waiting for you here at Hershey’s Chocolate World- Hershey, Pennsylvania. An interactive, guided tour where you taste both milk chocolate and dark chocolate samples and other chocolate products.

Hershey’s Kissworks

Want to live the dream of working in a chocolate factory surrounded by your favorite, decedent treats? Become a chocolate factory worker for the day and package your own Kisses that are available for purchase then take home an Official Factory Worker ID badge as a souvenir and proof to your friends that “worked” for Hershey’s.

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Hershey, Pennslyvania is MORE than just a Hershey Tour

Thousands of people a year visit Hershey, Pennslyvania for its multiple points of interests and entertainment venues, but especially for it's chocolate factory and amuzement park, Hershey Park. The town's convenient location to many other vacation destinations such as New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore makes Hershey, PA a perfect stop for your long vacation.

So what is Hershey, Pennslyvania?

One More Golden "Chocolate" Nugget

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