Homemade Halloween Candy Gift Ideas and More!

The Fall is here at last, time of spooks, goblins, candy, colorful leaves, the fresh musky scent of the trees in the air and pumpkin pie.

Halloween party favors and treats will fill tables at parties, magazines covers at the grocery stores and explode all over the internet, but why not add some Halloween"spice" to the treats themselves. No, not pumpkin spice or cloves, I mean "humor".



Creative gift messages printed on Halloween greeting cards or stickers. (For more creativity adorn the cards or stickers with Halloween images.)

Entertain their taste buds with flavor and the hearts with a chuckle.

Here are some party favor or candy gifts ideas along with "spooky" and creepy" gift messages you could use.

Party Favors and Candy Gift Ideas

1. Assortment of large Halloween Decorated Sugar Cookies (ghosts, witches hats, pumpkins, black cat, etc)that are individually wrapped in cellophane paper and tied off with orange, brown or purple ribbons and gift messages printed on stickers attached to the bags.
2. Halloween Caramel Apples decorated with chocolate details (spiders, spider webs, witches hats, pumpkins, entire apple like jack 'o lantern, Frankenstein, Dracula, etc.) that are individually wrapped in cellophane and tied off with brown, orange or purple ribbon or yarn, stickers with gift messages stuck to sides.

-variation: orange, purple, brown colored mini paper gift bags instead of cellophane. Instead of stickers tape Halloween greeting cards to the side. -Free Downloadable Gift Card.

You may want cover the bottom with plastic wrap or cut out pieces of a plastic bag so bottom of apple doesn't stick.

3. Chocolate Covered Halloween Rice Crispy Treats: shaped into Halloween shapes (ghosts, blacks cats, witches hats, bats, pumpkins- simple objects). Use white chocolate colored wafers (purple, orange, yellow, etc.), individually wrapped in cellophane bags with stickers.
4. Chocolate Covered Halloween Pretzels:

-1. Simple version: chocolate covered pretzel rods with Fall colored sprinkles, or Fall shaped sprinkles (fall leaves, pumpkins- you can buy them at Michael's)

-2. More Creative version: Decorative Chocolate Covered Halloween Shaped Pretzels. Chocolate molds aid in the shaping of the chocolate that covers one end of the pretzel rod. They look sort of like pretzel lollipops. One end of the pretzel is the handle of the "lollipop" while the other end is a chocolate candy in shape of skulls, rats, black cats, coffins, etc.

Halloween Gift Messages for Gift Cards
Now choose from these messages or read them to get some ideas of your own.

"Be careful, these treats are to die for."

"Good at first, but the after taste is 'to die for'."

"These taste die-licious. Don't eat too many."

"There so good it's scary."

"Flavor out of this world. See you in the next one."

"Best Halloween treats you'll have in your life. Now take one with you to the next life."

"These treats are perfect! Their flavor is dead on."

"Be careful. Don't 'bite the dust'."

"Bite the treat, not the dust."

"Try one. A "deadly" recipe."

"Try one. They're die-lightful."

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