Housewarming Gifts Are Suite Sweets

Housewarming Gifts welcome in a new and exciting moment for families across the globe. Homeowners are on an "emotional high" so let's congratulate them and help them ride their "happy wave" with a thoughtful gift. There are so many ideas that could not possibly even fit on this page, but you could take two approaches:

1. Homemade Gifts

  • Show your family or friends how much you care by investing your valuable time to hand-make the gifts yourself to take to the housewarming party
  • Send your homemade treat as a special surprise delivery to current address to congratulate them
  • Long-distance gift with special, personal touch from those that can't go to the party

2. Ordered Gifts

  • Realtor gifts to be sent to their clients at new home address
  • Great business gifts from any profession to their clients
  • Great long-distance gift from friends and family
  • Professionally made and packaged, no work needed, just click, buy, send

The Mysterious Box Scenario

Ring, ring, ring sounds the door bell

"What could that be?", asked Mrs. Beres with puzzled look to her husband Gabe.

He puts the sports page down on the kitchen table and replies, "I bet it's my Mel. Can't my sister just call? Why does she have to always just stop over unexpected?"

"Calm down honey," she replies. "It's just someone delivering us a package."

"What could that possibly be? We already received the new fancy wine glass set we were waiting for," says Gabe.

The two love birds walk together to open the front door of their beautiful, new home; sign for a fairly big box and then take it over to the kitchen table.

Anyone one to take a guess what's inside? And who sent it?

Is it a software program to help Gabe organize the routes of his fleet of 30 semis, could it be a pair of airline tickets buried under a bunch of styrofoam peanuts sent from his cousin Rick in Florida or perhaps another pair of wine glasses from his Aunt Joanne?

Wrong! None of the above! It's a gift basket filled with deluxe cookies, candy and other goodies from...

their realtor.

"Wow, this is from Janice," Mrs. Beres shouts out stunned and amazed. "She really is so sweet. How many times do you see a salesperson take the time to send gifts?"

Candy Sushi

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Whether you choose homemade housewarming gifts to make your friends or family or ordered gifts, they will love them and feel so appreciative that you thought of them.

So what are some great tasting gifts that I recommend?

It depends if it is for a party or
if you're going to send them a surprise package.

Housewarming Party Gifts

Offer to help out your friends by bringing some food. Now you want to make enough for many people to taste and then your choice will depend on how much time you have to invest in this gift. If you have more time to invest then you may consider a small individual desserts like...

But if you want to show off and be the talk of the party then make this unique recipe, Candy Sushi, and check out my pictorial guide on how to make it.

For those with less time then try something that is big and can just be thrown in the oven one time like...

Housewarming Gifts for Delivery

You need to make sure you choose something that will be easy to pack and send if you're considering making some homemade gifts. If you wish to send something that is challenging to send or you really don't have either time to make something or don't like to bake then you should consider just ordering your gifts.

David's Gifts offers a huge variety of great tasting cookies, cookie jars, assorted cheesecakes, other cakes and more. Check 'em out! Get a bucket of love from David's Cookies!

And check out these great housewarming gift ideas that are easy to send...

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