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Planning for a kids party can be a lot of fun, but a big headache too with all the responsability and expensive. So here is a resource and hub to help all you party planners reading this page and party planner assistants. The planners can find ideas to help design the cake or where to find hard-to-find party supply ideas in local stores right here. Party assistants helping to alleviate the costs of the party planner can collaborate with the planner and get ideas or find supplies that go along with the theme of the party here too.

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Party Supplies

What would you like to add or contribute to the party?

  • Party Favors: announcement scrolls, jewelry, makeup and bling, noisemakers, notebooks and pens, bubbles and balls, candy and cookies, toys, mini gumball machines
  • Cake: buy the cake, make the cake, cake pans, toppers, cake stands, candles
  • Party Decor: balloons and balloon accessories, centerpieces, banners, decorative lights, confetti, props, back drops, inflatable play grounds, wall decorations, signs, ribbon, colorful or decorative table cloths, place mats, stand ups
  • Serving Supplies: Themed or colorful plates, cups, plastic forks, spoons, knives and napkins, themed and decorative straws, decorative and themed coolers, decorative and themed serving dishes, decorative trays, themed bowls, punch bowl, cookie cutters, baggies
  • Games and Activities: bracelet and necklace-making sets, crayons, coloring books, painting crafts, Bingo sets, crown decorating, wand creating, mask-making sets, water pistols
  • Pinatas: Themed pinatas, pinata busters, pinata filler candy and favors
  • Personalize it: Banners, scrolls, gift packing, baggies, pictures, wall decorations, custom candy bars, labels for party favors, water bottles and gifts, fortune cookies, lollipops, napkins, cups, plates, invitations, thank you letters, candy tins, games, playing cards

Birthday Express has almost anything you could want for a kids party under one "e-roof", AND NOT JUST FOR BIRTHDAYS. The site is categorized by gender, theme, occasion and item it's easy to navigate! I highly recommend taking a peek. Just click below.


What's the Occasion for your kids party?

Aren't they so many excuses to find reason to celebrate with our kids? Do any of these below describe the party you are having for your kids or the party planner's kids?

  • Baby Shower
  • Sweet 16
  • Quinceanera
  • 1st Birthday
  • 2nd Birthday
  • Regular Kids Birthday (not milestone age)
  • Religious Party
  • Graduation

A great site that is hard to navigate away from once you visit it since it has a lot of unique party supplies categorized by theme is Beau-Coup. The site offers many personalized party favors too for all kinds of parties, kids and adult parties alike, but the amount of options for kids is good.

Check it out.

  • Unique Party Favors

Birthday Dinosaur Cake

Themes for a Kids Party

What is the theme of your kids party?

It may be hard to find the exact items that you need in a local store, however, online it is much easier. Any of the items listed above under the "Occasion" section can be found for the themes below.

  • Pirate or Princess
  • Animals or Insects
  • Cars or Trucks
  • Classic Characters
  • Superheroes
  • Cowboy or Cowgirl
  • Jets or Helicopters
  • Occupations: Farmers, doctors, rockstars, astronaut, etc.
  • Space and Planets
  • Magic
  • Pony or Unicorn
  • Knights and Castles
  • Colors: Hot pink, royal blue, brown and turquoise, lime green, light blue, purple, yellow, red and pink, etc.
  • Sports: Basketball, football, tennis, baseball, swimming, soccer, etc.

Maybe you would also like to suggest a gift idea for the party girl or boy. Want to check out a really unique gift idea for their family that they'll appreciate for a long time??? At Shutterfly you can create family album web sites! You could take pictures at the party and post them on a website personalized just for the event. Grandma or grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins or friends could view them online and purchase pictures to be printed and sent to them. Wouldn't mom love this?

Check it out!

Kids Party Articles

More Free Information to Help You Plan Your Kids' Party

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