The Lollipop: Candy Gift for Kids and the Kids at Heart

Swirly Lollipop

Looking for a simple, but unique gift idea? Why not a lollipop?

They come in all sizes, shapes, flavors and colors are a favorite candy treat for people all over the world. Whether at birthday parties, carnivals or world famous theme parks, this traditional candy treat can be found almost everywhere.

Even if only for a minor gift occasion or simply to complement a bigger gift check out some of the most popular kinds of suckers here on this page and our recommendations of who offers the best selection.


Nothing unusual about the shape, but these delicious suckers pack a powerful punch in taste. The large assortment of flavors is very appealing and one box of these yummy candy gifts will last a long time and make someone very happy. In any one package you could find such flavors as sour green apple, cherry cheesecake, strawberry shake or cinnamon. Great for student prizes or for grandma to have around the house for the grandkids. There are many ways to give these as gifts, they are perfect for fundraising. Groovy Candies is one of our favorite candy sites and they offer Carousel lollipop boxes.


This is the big, circular kind that has the different colors spiraled together. These are the suckers that you see in the theme parks or at carnivals. Surprise you kids with one of these and you see a big smile come across their face. Reward them for a good grade on a quiz, great for business gifts to a family with kids. They're inexpensive, but put on a quite a display with their bright colors. It's hard to find them online for purchase in small amounts, but at Lollies Galore you can purchase one Whirly Lollipop at a time or if you are a business that would like to give these away as gifts or maybe a teacher then you may wish to purchase a box then check out the selection of Boxes of Whirly Suckers A Candy Store has to offer.


What to make it personal? Ok I mean customize your candy gift towards the likes of that special person?

Great for Baby Showers, Weddings, Graduations parties or other big parties. You can choose between a selection of designs, colors, and a message to create your own personalized lollipop labels at First Impression Favors. They are strawberry flavored and you can decide on the amount you'd like to buy for your party between a few choices. The site is very easy to use and the selections are good and plenty.

Unique Gift Ideas

You've heard of bouquets of flowers you may have even purchased a bouquet of cookies or pieces of fruit, but what about a bouquet of suckers?

That's right! At Lollipop Creations you will find an assortment of lollipop bouquets . There are bouquets for different ocassions with different vases and bases and you can even add your own personal gift message.

So you don't want just regular-shaped pops or suckers, not even the big whirly and swirly ones. OK. How about ones shaped like animals? And I don't just mean a few animals. I mean just about every animal you could think of like rhinos, frogs, kangaroos, giraffes, elephants, sharks and more. Now they come in boxes so you may consider getting at least a few boxes to mix it up a bit. Each box has a variety of flavors and are freshley made. These pops are delivered within days of production.


Healthy candy? Kind of. These Organic lollipops at Yummy Earth were created by two fathers concerned about their childrens' health. These organic suckers come free of artificial flavors, chemical colors or corn syrup. Only natural fruit flavoring is used in these tasty pops and candy drops come in many different delicious flavors like Very Very Cherry, Hopscotch Butterscotch, Wet Face Watermelon, Strawberry Smash or Mango Tango. You can even get Vitamin C suckers. Buy small amounts in pouches or in candy jar style bins of a slightly larger amount. Great alternative for you and your kids from the normal option of commercially produced suckers.

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