Do Low Fat Dessert Recipes Exist?

A question practically all sweets lovers have is, "Are there actually any low fat dessert recipes?" Or at least are there any good low fat desserts?

So we found an expert on the subject. She is the founder of a website that provides great information on low fat baking and cooking. Here we get the answers to many of your important questions.

Interview with Marion Kummerow:

We’ve always heard the phrase, “If it aint broke don’t fix it,” that is unless it means making a dessert or sweet healthier. The best part about any sweet or dessert is the taste, but of course unfortunately we know that all good things need to be done in moderation. Wouldn’t that be nice if we could just eat all the chocolate or sugar we wanted without any repercussions?

Well, since that is not going to happen I do have the next best thing to healthy dessert options- delicious low fat dessert options. In fact I have a special guest to help me today. Her name is Marion Kummerow who is the owner of the website She is here to provide some tips on how to keep healthy when baking desserts. Hopefully she will share with us one of her favorite recipes too. Let’s find out!

1. Opening question: “Marion first we would like to know what made you decide to start your website?”

Hello Rick, thanks for inviting me to this interview. I hope I can share some useful information with your readers. My husband has always been a great cook and both of us enjoy eating good food. Unfortunately this started to show on our waistlines :-( Therefore we were always hunting for delicious, yet low fat recipes, especially. There is not much information about great low fat dessert recipes and so we started experimenting and doing our own. From there, it was just the logical thing to start a website about this topic.

2. Less Known Fatty Ingredients: “Most of our visitors already are aware that sugar and butter are two of the fattiest ingredients used in dessert recipes so what are some of the less known fatty ingredients used in traditional dessert recipes?”

There are many "hidden fats" in dessert recipes, like cheese (cream cheese or ricotta cheese), nuts (you wouldn't believe the amount of fats that nuts have), cream and even milk.

3. Retaining Flavor: “Of course the main question I'm quite sure many, if not all our visitors, would like to know is do low fat dessert recipes retain their great flavor?

This is the big problem with desserts and low fat baking recipes , if you just leave out the fat, the dessert will taste bland. Our recipes include other ingredients, that will give flavour, such as fruits (I love bananas), but also spices like cinnamon and we never totally cut the fat, but use skim milk instead of full fat milk, or plain yogurt instead of cream.

4. Butter and Sugar Substitutes: “What are some popular low fat ingredients substitutes for sugar and butter used in baking?”

Actually I'm not a fan of any sugar substitutes, they change the flavor of the recipes and they do bring a lot of other problems, especially for consistency of the dough. When baking a low fat muffin it just doesn't help to use 1 tablespoon of splenda instead of 1/2 cup of sugar. That said, we usually use brown sugar instead of white sugar and we try to cut down the amount as much as possible, while still experiencing that delicious flavor.

5. Favorite Low Fat Dessert: “I bet you love desserts too Marion so what is your favorite low fat dessert?”

Of course, I love deserts :-) Who doesn't? One of my favorites (that is very easy to make) is the low fat gingerbread muffin you can find on my website.

Did I already mention that I love bananas? They already have a lot of sweetness, therefore you need just a tiny amount of sugar to make any low fat banana dessert taste heavenly! Like this low fat banana and ginger brulee

6. Other resources: “We know you can’t just share all of your secrets so what other types of low fat recipes could your site offer our visitors and what are some links you would like to share with our fans?”

There's a lot of information on my website, and we have plenty of recipes for all occasions like breakfast, lunch and dinner. But you can also read many articles about weight loss and a healthy diet that will help you tremendously in your struggle for that perfect body:-).

“Marion we thank you very much for stopping by to share with us your insight on such an vital topic. Eating healthier is so important to our well-being and it’s good to have alternatives to some of our favorite dishes. Thank you again.

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