Messages for clients make great ice breakers to help you reunite with them.

Cherry Lattice Pie

Messages for clients along with the delicious deluxe sweets gifts you send or drop off to them will accomplish many objectives simultaneously, to express appreciation for their business and plant a seed for future business, illustrate your wish to provide continuous excellent service, reestablish credibility and/or break the ice in order to reunite for an appointment.

The messages should be catchy, clever, humorous, humble, respectful and create a segway into a friendly invitation to meet up with again for the purpose of updating their current product or service you provide them, introduce them to brand new products or services, offer useful and beneficial add-ons or perhaps to reevaluate their current circumstances to ensure
them that they are still inline with their original goals
you both established. In general they are little
advertisements for you.

You can use some of the examples below or they can help
give you ideas to personalize and recreate your own
messages for clients.

"Thank you" for business just after they buy from you.

These messages for clients are for after the sale. Most salespeople run at this point and become MIA, but this is the MOST important part of the whole sales process. You establish yourself as a professional by illustrating you are appreciative and that you are also not afraid of any negative feedback or to hear about potential problems that may have arisen. People seek problem solvers to provide solutions. Stand out from the crowd of other salespeople. Now is the time to illustrate to them that you are a permanent service provider as their needs change over time. You are planting the seed for a future "tree" of business. :)

  • I just want to take this opportunity to thank you "to the core" for your business. Enjoy these yummy chocolate covered apples. Let's keep in touch!
  • I had a wonderful time doing business with you. Thank you again. Hope you have a wonderful time enjoying this cherry pie. Let's keep in touch!
  • Thank you for your business. You both have worked so hard and really do deserve you beautiful new car/house/boat. They say you can't have your cake and eat it too, but now you can. (And yes of course your gift is indeed a cake). Let's keep in touch!
  • Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to get your family into a new home. Enjoy the great view from your new backyard. I wish I could have a view of your faces when you see this double-layer cherry chocolate cake. Let's keep in touch!

Box of Gourmet Chocolates

"Special Occasion" messages

Theses messages for clients are intended to reunite with your customers or clients for the purpose of setting up an appointment with them. Your objective here is to create new business based upon your new evaluation of your clientele's needs. If you have been keeping in touch with them as you promised to check on their approval or disapproval of your product or service then this piece of the process should work smooth like clockwork.

The most productive way to do this is to send the deluxe gift and message around a special occasion for your clients. Some great opportunities are before or after birthdays, kids' graduations, retirement, new job, newborn child, new home, receiving recognition or an award. As you nurture your relationship with clients you should be obtaining this imformation over time. You probably at the very least have their birthdays. Allow about a week to pass once they receive their gift to call them to set up an appointment.

  • "Sweet" it's your birthday! Hope you enjoy your special day. I also hope you enjoy this delicious (name of candy gift). We just got a new delivery of some "sweet" new models (cars, motorcycles, boats, etc.). Let's get together!
  • I hope you enjoy these tasty chocolate covered strawberries. We should get together soon to make sure all your assets are still "covered" too.
  • Congratulations on your new born. Please enjoy these delicious frosted sugar cookies (green and shaped like dollar bills). (Name of client) I have something new that will help make and save you money for (name of their child)'s college education.
  • (You could also create curiosity so they are itching to hear you unveil the mystery.)
    Congratulations on your newborn son! Please enjoy these frosted sugar cookies (shaped like ceremonial college graduation hats). Let's get in touch soon so I can tell you the story behind these cookies and how they play a role in funding (name of newborn)'s college education.
  • Congratulations! It's your anniversary! Marriage is such an important "piece" of the pie of life. Enjoy this delicious cinnamon apple pie on your special day. I can't wait to get together to show you the new brochure of some great cruises we offer here at XYZ Travel. We'll have some great deals for your next anniversary!

I enjoyed "planting" all these seeds of ideas for you to create your own messages for clients. Now go out their and continue "cultivating" your relationships with your clients and customers so you can make some more money.

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