Gift messages for her to make her smile

Gift messages for her will add "seasoning" to your deluxe sweets or candy gifts. Maybe you are sending a box of chocolate covered strawberries to your wife or a big oatmeal cinnamon raisin cookie to the girl you're dating. You might be dropping off a chocolate cheesecake at her office. Just choose the occasion below. Even if you don't use one of the ones below it will help you create your own.

Variety of Chocolate Truffles

I Am Sorry Messages for Her

Ok you did it again. You got upset and you shouted out something you didn't mean to. Or maybe you were just trying to clarify something between you and her and you chose the wrong words. Here are some ideas you can say.

  • What I said was so bitter and mean hope this slice of cherry cheesecake will be sweeter than my dumb words.
  • Yep, I admit what I said was really mean. Try this giant sugar cookie it be very sweet unlike me right now.
  • I really put my foot in my mouth this time. I made your favorite lemon cheesecake. Hey we have something in common- we're both sour.
  • I went too far this time. I really can say stupid things. So I'm sending in my best ambassador these chocolate truffles. Well, they can't speak, but they also won't say something so dumb.
  • Yeah, I sure did say something mean this time and I am sorry, but you "Mean" a lot to me and I get caught up in the emotion. I made these chocolate covered strawberries for you. Enjoy them. I made them with love.
Love You Messages For Her

She means everything to you and you just feel like surprising her with a gift and short love note. Check out some of these ideas below.

  • I sure love a good slice of cinnamon apple pie, but not as much as I love you. Hope this sweet gift is as sweet as you.
  • I love you so much. You fill me with happiness. I hope this black forrest chocolate cake fills up your stomach and mouth with taste. Love you!
  • I've been so happy since we met. Let me introduce you to this delicious chocolate covered pretzel with sprinkles. Please feel free to get well acquainted with it. Love you!
  • I love everything about you, your smile, personality and sense of humor. So I hope you love the taste and smell of this yummy slice of cherry pie.
  • My love for you grows everyday. This big heart shaped sugar cookie shows you how big my love has gotten for you.

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Sexy Messages for Her

You're in that flirty, sexy mood and you want to get her pulse pumping too. Send or drop off a surprise dessert gift at her office with one of these messages below. Come on, do it. Be bold! Oh yeah, make sure she's the only one that reads it!!

  • Here's something to sink your teeth into, but I left some frosting on my cheek for you to lick off later.
  • This is the second sweetest thing I could find for you. My lips are the first, but you'll just have to wait until you get home to taste those.
  • OK so I gave you something sweet to bite into now. What's something sweet you'll let me bite later tonight?
  • Love you sweetie. Eat this treat quickly before it melts. And don't worry I've gotten something in mind that will make you melt when you get home.
  • Please feel free to bite this delicious treat, but don't nibble. I'll let you nibble on something later.
Miss You Messages for Her

She might be back home while you're on a business trip or maybe you're a student away at college. Whatever the situation is you are dying to see her again and you are counting down the seconds. Send her a piece of your love with a deluxe candy gift and sweet message.

  • I can't stand all this time away from you. Hope you can put up with this chocolate covered caramel apple. Miss you baby!
  • It sure bites to be away from you so long. Hope biting into this chocolate biscotti is good though.
  • Everything seems so sour while we're apart, but I hope you enjoy this bag of sour apple licorice.
  • I can "bearly" stand all this time away from you so I sent you some all strawberry gummy bears to hold you over.
  • I guess I'll have to find something to do while we count down until the next time we see eachother. In the meantime count these chocolate covered cherries. By the time you're done we should be together.

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