Gift messages for him to make him smile

Gift messages for him will add a special personal touch to the deluxe sweets you choose to send or take him. They'll make him laugh, smile or perhaps even arouse him. You can use some of the examples below or create your own. Be flirtacious, loving, apologetic, express how you feel in his absense or your appreciation for him.

Black Forest Mocha Brownies

"I am sorry" messages for Him

We all snap and say the wrong thing. It's just part of being in a relationship, we're afraid to be hurt so we unintentionally hurt others or we just aren't being careful enough to think about our words before we say them. Hope you all find these gift messages for him to be useful.

  • I took out my bad day on you and said some mean things. Hope you find this slice of cheesecake sweeter than I am. I am sorry baby.
  • Hope you find this bag of your favorite chocolate chip cookies delicious. I'd help share but I've got my foot in my mouth from
    making those insincere comments. I am sorry.
  • I'm so ashamed of myself for what I said. Please don't feel ashamed of eating these caramel apples I made for you.
  • Our relationship has been real tense since I made those dumb comments. So I'm sending in my chief ambassador to apologize- this chocolate cream pie.

"Love you" messages for him

Life wouldn't be the same without him, days would be longer, food wouldn't taste as good, music wouldn't sound the same, you just wouldn't feel as happy. So you want to show him how important he is to you. Read through these love messages.

  • Your love fills me up. I don't know what I'd do without you. I made you this delicious dessert. Hope it fills you up too.
  • Your love is addictive it makes me hunger for more. Hope you have an appetite for this yummy treat I made you, but don't get full that's what my love is for.
  • I never thought I'd find something as sweet as this gourmet chocolate bar until I found your love. Love you sweetie!
  • For every wonderful thought I ever had of you I put a piece of these chocolate covered nuts in the bag. I ran out of nuts!
  • valentine's Day is too far away to tell you I love you. So enjoy this homemade cake I baked you. Love you!

Basketball Cookies and Hoops

Sexy Messages for Him

It's take to break the monotonous routine. It's time to shake things up. Let's get our flirt on and rattle his brain by sending or dropping off a yummy treat at his work, but...with a provocative note inside. :)

  • Honey I dropped some of the frosting from this treat on my shoulder. Would you please come lick it off as soon as possible?
  • I've been thinking about you a lot lately so I decided to make
    you this mini cake. Just don't get
    too full. The main dessert is waiting for you at home!
  • Tell me which tastes sweeter the frosting on top of this cookie or the frosting on my stomach waiting for you tonight.
  • (If he's away on a trip for a while). If you don't like this treat bring it back to me for a refund, but be aware I don't reimburse with money I have something "richer" in mind...
  • Hope you got enough practice from unwrapping this gift box. You'll need it tonight- I'll be wearing some pretty tight clothes.
"Miss You" Messages for Him

The lonliness makes you itch. You need to see him now, but he's far away. So send him something to put you on his mind.

  • The long distance between us hurts so I hope at least this sweet treat looks good up close. Miss you baby!
  • My lips long yours while you're away. In the meantime put your lips on this tasty dessert. I miss you honey.
  • I'm counting down the minutes until you come back. Count down these tasty gourmet jelly beans as you eat them until we see eachother. Miss you!
  • I've missed you so much. It seems so cold without you so have this can of gourmet cappuccino to keep you warm. Miss you!

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