Gift Messages for Parents to Show Them You Care

Gift Messages for Parents teamed with your carefully chosen deluxe sweets or candy gifts will make your parents laugh, smile and just make them feel appreciated by you. Whether you live far away or right next door your gourmet candy or dessert gift will spice up their day and be a pleasant surprise especially with the following messages.

Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes

Love You Messages

They know you love them, but sometimes you just have to say it, right? Try out these messages for parents.

  • As I was making these delicious chocolate covered cherries I thought there's only one thing I love more than chocolate- you guys! Love you both! Enjoy my homemade chocolate gift.
  • (For your parents that live far away) I got so jealous of these chocolate covered marshmallows after sending them to you. I hope you don't love these tasty treats more than you love me. Love you!
  • I figured I'd swing by and drop off a piece of my heart. OK so it's actually a heart-shaped frosted cake. Love you!

Miss You Messages

You might get busy with life, but you think about them often while you're at the office, driving home, cleaning your house and many other places. Well, stop thinking about missing them and tell them you miss them!. These messages for parents may help.

  • I missed eating chocolate cake for so long, but not as much as I miss you both! Hope you love these cherry chocolate cupcakes.
  • I don't know what I miss more your homemade pot pies or cherry pie. Uh, neither, I miss you! Try out my homemade cherry pie.
  • I've been really sour this summer since I haven't seen you both for a little while. So I made you this nice sour homemade lemon merengue pie. Miss you!

Slice Lemon Custard Pie

Thank you Messages

Let's send them a gift with message of gratitude. It's time we return the favor for something they lent us a helping hand with recently.

  • What would I do without you? Probably not be here at all! Thank you for watching my dog while I was away on a trip. Enjoy these yummy homemade deluxe sweets I made especially for you!
  • Thank you for such a great birthday party for little Vanessa! She had such fun. So she made you these chocolate chip cookies with strawberry bits. Well, OK, with my help.
  • Dad thanks for helping me chop the wood for the fireplace. I'm not much of a cook so enjoy this chocolate pecan log I delivered you.

Have fun creating your own messags to have sent with your deluxe sweets and candy gifts. Thanks for visiting.

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