Gift Messages for Teachers Give Thanks for a Job Well Done.

Gift Messages for Teachers

together with your deluxe sweets gifts make them feel special and important. Without teachers how would we have grown into productive adults? Well, how will your children do the same? It's time to give props these outstanding contributers to society.

Caramel Apple Bites

Thank you Messages

Let's show them our gratitude with these messages for teachers to go along with our great deluxe gifts. Teachers every where deserve, don't they?

  • Instead of just a plain old apple we decided to jazz it up! Thank you Mrs. Quinn for being so great to Vanessa. Enjoy these caramel apple bites we made you over the weekend.
  • Mrs. James what would I do without you? Brandon is doing so well in your class. Thank you for the "top notch" job! So we made you this top notch cinnamon apple crumb pie.
  • I have never seen Gary so happy to learn about science. We "concocted" these homemade rice krispie treats dipped in chocolate for you. Let us know how the "experiment" came out. Thank you Mrs. Lofton.
  • Gracías Sra. Carmona por el gran trabajo con mi hijo Gabe. A el le encanta ser su estudiante. ¡Que le encante el Tres Leche casero que le hemos regalado! (If you don't understand you might consider personal Spanish classes from Mrs. Carmona.)

Greatest Teacher in the World Messages

We treat professional athletes and singers like stars. Isn't it about time we treat our teachers like stars? I mean let's face it who is really more important to their development? It's great to go to the ball games and cheer on our favorite team, but let's cheer on our real heroes and heroines! Yeah! Check out these messages for teachers.

  • Superwoman has nothing on you Mrs. Beres. You are simply the Greatest Teacher in the World. I don't have any super powers, but both Ricky and I made you these green frosted cookies. I hope it's not your "kryptonite" :).
  • You may not be able to dunk a basketball Mr. Kusyner, but you might enjoy dunking these homemade molten chocolate cakes in some milk. To the Greatest Teacher in the World!
  • Just because you may not be able to belt out a note or two doesn't matter to us Mrs. Maselli. I "belted" out a batch of delicious white chocolate and peppermint chip cookies from the oven for the Greatest Teacher in the World.
  • El hecho que no puedes sacar un jonron del campo no nos importa un pepino Sra. Peralta. Gracías por ser La Mejor Maestra del Mundo. Esperamos que le guste el flan que le hemos traido. (Mrs. Peralta would love to help you too with Spanish lessons.)

Chocolate Cupcake Lollipops

Miss You Messages

There are certain teachers that stand out despite the fact that our sons or daughters are no longer in their class or teaching at the same school anymore. Let's show our apprecation for the long-lasting affect they've had on our kids.

  • We knew it wouldn't last. Mrs. Hannah Joel loved being in your class and still talks about you. Please enjoy these delicous homemade chocolate covered strawberries and cherries we made you.
  • Mrs. Sherman I guess what they say about "having your cake and eating it too" is true. We knew Bobby couldn't enjoy your words of encouragement and great teaching technique forever. Hope you enjoy eating these tasty chocolate cupcake lollipops.
  • Mr. Dunlap you have made a little musician out of Gregory. He won't put the drum sticks down. Sorry you don't teach at our school anymore. Hope you don't have any trouble putting down these chocolate peanut butter Buckeye treats.

Enjoy creating your own messags and gifts for your kids' teachers. Thanks for visiting!

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