Pennypinching Marketing:
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Our Pennypinching Marketing offer is exactly the step you need to promote your business.

  • What we need: quality, useful content for our visitors related to sweets, desserts, candy gifts, gourmet treats

  • What you receive: high quality, free publicity and inbound links

How can we help you?

  • We conduct a written interview through email regarding a topic that is useful to our visitors. Then we create a well-written, high ranking article about the interview with links back to your site for free that goes viral.(We also will help offline businesses that do not have a website.) Plus one more exciting pennypinching marketing tool, but first read on. More on that it a bit.

Let's face it, there are many sites about sweets, candy, desserts and the like. So anyone in this business has their work cut out for them. Yes, we get thousands of visitors to our site every month, and so do you, but just like you we want an edge. And that's where we can help each other.

We have written many high ranking articles regarding sweets and candy gifts over the past few years and distributed them to a popular article distribution service Article writing is the #1 traffic boosting method we have discovered for our site.

How does Article Marketing Distribution work?

  • You write an article and add links to your site. You distribute the article to an article delivery service and they in turn deliver it to hundreds of different article publishing sites automatically- one article, hundreds of publishers. Visitors see your article and click the link to your site, while other webmasters reprint the article on their sites.

Why would you want others to reprint your article? Isn't that stealing your content?

  • NO! That's what you want. This creates more inbound links to your site, which could rank you higher in the search engines and also create more chances for clicks to your site from readers.

It can be very expensive to market your business, but this "pennypinching marketing" idea is of sound principle: offer your visitors high quality information that they are searching for and your traffic will grow and you will receive referrals. We at Deluxe Sweets and Candy Gifts work hard to create original content, but sometimes it gets too difficult to write on every topic.

***So in addition to writing an article for you with links back to your site we will also create your own webpage on Deluxe Sweets and Candy with more links back to your site. Now you have a link from us and possibly many more throughout the internet.***

Here's a pennypinching marketing partner we helped recently: The article at this time is new, but sky rocketed to a number 2 ranking in Google out of 19,300,000 searches for Christmas Bulb Cupcake in no time (this was as of 11/06/11). Here's the high ranking article Since our website covers a wide range of topics we have decided to seek help on certain topics.

Here is Pennypinching Marketing Content We Currently Seek

  • Pies: pie making tips, pie making supplies, pie packaging and delivery tips (for businesses)
  • Cakes: cake making tips, cake making supplies and equipment, cake package and delivery tips (for businesses and recreational)
  • Cookies: cookie baking tips, icing recipes, regional bakeries who deliver (promote your bakery for free)
  • Homemade Greeting Cards: sites that offer downloadable printable cards or ecards (personalized or standard)
  • Homemade Party Favors: edible party favor making tips and ideas

All interested parties please click email link below. Please ask questions, I know you have some. Please be aware we will review all submitted ideas but we have the right to refuse submissions if we feel they do not work for our site. Thank you for understanding.

This is safe it is only for Deluxe Sweets and Candy Gifts and does not shared with anyone else whatsoever.

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How this

Article Writing

Article writing is the main method uses to increase traffic.

  • Each article is written with high quality, useful content for the reader.
  • All articles are AUTOMATICALLY distributed and submitted to thousands of targeted, niche-based article directories, websites AND blogs related!
Article distribution:

How can it benefit your site?

  • Learn more here about article distribution here...


  • Each article contains backlinks that lead back to this website
  • Backlinks are placed in these articles. The articles are published on Niche websites and blogs related to are more likely to get clicks
  • Links from these relative sites have HIGHER VALUE than from non-relative sites.
  • Links from similar Niche websites tend to increase search engine ratings for

How can backlinks help your website or blog?
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