Peppermint Bark: More Gourmet Homemade Candy

Peppermint Bark Hearts

Peppermint Bark is a classic gourmet treat that you will now learn how to make yourself!

There is a huge variety of versions of these treats you could make so I will add to the list as I go. I just love the combination of the rich taste of white chocolate with peppermint. The sweetness of the white chocolate cools off the after taste of the peppermint so well.

If you too like peppermint and white chocolate than check out these white chocolate covered rice crispy treats with mint candy and peppermint pieces for the holidays that I invented. You will love 'em! I promise you.

The first recipe Peppermint Bark Hearts makes for great homemade gifts for both Christmas or Valentine's Day. You could also package them in cellophane bags and tie them off with bows for tasty party favors.

Peppermint Bark Hearts


  • 3 Dozen Miniature Candy Canes (to create the hearts)
  • 1- 16 ounce Bag of Merckens or Wilton White Chocolate Wafers
  • 1 Dozen More Miniature Candy Canes (to blend with the center filling)


  • Blender or Sandwich Bags with Rubber Mallet or Hammer
  • Double Boiler or Small Microwaveable Bowl
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Wax Paper
  • Large Metal Serving Spoon


1. Chop Candy Canes

There are two ways to do this first step. Either use your blender to chop candy canes into small pieces or place them in sealable plastic sandwich bags and crush them with rubber hammer or mallet (use double bags or you will make a mess). Then set aside in small bowl.

2.Place wax paper on cookie sheet

3.Make Candy Cane Hearts

Create candy cane hearts on cookie sheet. Lay side by side touching ends.

4. Melt White Chocolate

Use either the double boiler or melt small amounts in the microwaveable bowl.

  • If using the double boiler then KEEP THE TEMPERATURE LOW or you run the risk of burning the chocolate.
  • If using the microwave then melt chocolate at 40% power for about 50 seconds. Then stir with metal spoon until completely liquid. If chunks still exist melt at 40% power again for another 15 seconds, then stir again.

5. Fill Candy Hearts with White Chocolate and Chopped Peppermint

Fill hearts using large metal spoon. After filling 2 or 3 hearts sprinkle some chopped candy cane into each. Then repeat same process until all hearts are finished. If using the microwave to melt the chocolate you will have to repeat the melting steps several times since you are only working with a small amount of chocolate.

6. Refrigerate

Place cookie sheet in refrigerator for about 20 minutes to allow chocolate to set, then remove and let dry for about a day before packaging your party favors of gifts.

Finished! Enjoy!

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