Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats

the deluxe version: crushed Oreos™ topping, double chocolate, M&Ms™

Tray of St Patrick's Day Rice Crispy Treats

These Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats are to die for! That have so much flavor your tongue may dance like a Leprechaun.

It's no secret that we love to make gourmet rice crispy treats here at Deluxe Sweets and Candy and so this time we've gone all out. Just check out the links from the right side of the screen.

These Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats have more flavorful ingredients than any others. Both dipped in dark and white chocolate, mint flavored (both candy flavoring and crushed hard mint candies), covered in crushed Oreos and with M&Ms™ blended in the batter. When making your own choose all of them or mix and match the ingredients to fit your tastes.

My creative technique for decorating deluxe rice crispy treats with chocolate will make it easy and fun and make your treats look absolutely delicious.

What you will Learn:

  • An easy method to melt the chocolate
  • Maintain it's liquid form
  • Creative beautiful, eye-catching decorations
  • Work in efficient, organized manner
  • Impress and delight many people with you beautiful treats.

These St Patrick's Day Rice Crispy Treats make great party favors as well as some sweet snacks.

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How to Make Deluxe Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats and Cauldrons

Ingredients to Make Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats:

  • 6 Cups Frosted Crisped Rice Cereal
  • 3 Tablespoons of Butter (use stick)
  • 1 Bag of Mini Marshmallows (10 oz bag)
  • 1/2 Cup of M&Ms™

Supplies for Making Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats:

  • Large Mixing Bowls
  • Medium Sauce Pot
  • Wooden Spoon or Plastic Spoon
  • Cooking Spray
  • Large Cookie Dish
  • 3-inch Shamrock and Cauldron Cookie Cutter

Ingredients for Decorating Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats Party Favors

  • 1 1/2 Packages of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (better to have more than not enough)
  • 1 Package Wilton's or Mercken's Dark Green Chocolate Coating Wafers
  • 1 Package Wilton's or Mercken's Light Green Chocolate Coating Wafers (can substitute white color wafers with green candy coloring)
  • 1 Package Wilton's or Mercken's Yellow Chocolate Coating Wafers (or gold candy coloring, will not need much of this color)
  • 8-10 Oreos™ (crushed)
  • 1 Drop Mint Candy Flavoring
  • 5-8 Mint Hard Candies (crushed)

Supplies for Decorating Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats:

  • Medium or Large Sauce Squeeze Bottles (one per color)
  • Tabletop Burner (optional, but will make job easier) placed on top of cutting board) placed on top of burner
  • Large Pot (filled 1/4 the way up with water)
  • Large Sealable Plastic Bags(the kind that snap shut, they are more durable)- one per color, with 2 extras
  • Saucer
  • Cookie Sheet- to place completed treats
  • 3-5 Empty Dishes
  • Small Bowl for crushed Oreos™
  • Rubber Mallet and Sealable Plastic Bag for Mint Candies
  • Toothpicks
  • Dry Towel


I. The key to efficient work is a well organized work station. Everything should be within reach while decorating the treats. Start setting up your station before beginning to make the treats. All toppings are close by: crushed Oreos™, crushed mint candies, trays, sets of treats on plates (more on that later). Not pictured is the empty tray for finished treats. This is how your work area will look when finished.

Rice Crispy Treats Work Station

Rice Crispy Treats Work Station

II. You must keep the chocolate in liquid form with a runny consistency while decorating your treats. You will place the bottles in warm water in a pot filled only an inch or so from the bottom. Keep bottles capped at all times. If a bottle falls over in the pot, water will enter and destroy the chocolate.

****The tabletop burner is not mandatory, but it will make your work much easier since it can be within arms reach as opposed to have to walk over to the stove every time you switch colors. Make sure to place it on a cutting board or it may burn your table. Keep temperature low.

Whichever method you use. Place fill the pot about an inch from the bottom and start warming it right now.

Here's what the tabletop burner set up looks like

Tabletop Burner Set Up for Rice Crispy Treats

Tabletop Burner Set Up for Rice Crispy Treats

Directions to Make Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats (Pre-Decorating):

1. Spray Cookie Dish: Set aside. Measure and set cereal in large mixing bowl and set aside.

2. Melt Marshmallows: Melt butter in sauce pot on low heat. Once butter starts to melt add package of marshmallows. Stir with wooden spoon or plastic spoon.

3. Add Candy Flavoring: Once completely melted and in liquid form remove from heat. Drop mint candy flavoring into pot and stir. Blend in well.

4. Mix Melted Marshmallows and Cereal: Pour marshmallow mix from sauce pot into cereal in large bowl. Spray wooden spoon with cooking oil and stir well. Add a small amount of M&Ms™ and blend well into mix. Keep stirring and adding candy until it is used up. It will be tough to stir, marshmallows will start to solidfy again.

5. Press Mix into Baking Dish: Then place in refrigerator for about 15-20 minutes to harden faster. This step will also make it easier to shape the treats with the cookie cutter.

6. Use Cookie Cutters: Remove from refrigerator and use cookie cutters into mix to make cut-outs. Know how many of each shape you want. Use left over mix to press into cookie cutter in order to top off treats. Stuff as much mix into the cookie cutter for each rice crispy treat. The fuller the treat, the easier it will be to cover in chocolate and the more uniform each treat will be.

Set treats on tray and place back in the refrigerator for the time being.

Cauldron Rice Crispy Treats Cut Outs

Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats Cut Outs

7a. Melt Chocolate: Now it's time to melt the chocolate. Normally I prefer to use a double boiler. I find it easier to monitor the chocolate to make sure it doesn't burn. However, in the case of this recipe we are using many different colors and the yield of treats is small so I will use the microwave. Unless you are making a recipe that calls for a large amount of treats and you have multiple double boilers, as to not clean and reuse the same one over and over, it is easier to use the microwave, but my method will make it real simple for you.

TIP:If using the microwave instead then place enough chocolate to fill half the bowl. Choose one color at a time. On 50% power warm chocolate for 50 seconds. Remove and stir. If soft and liquidy go to next step, if not repeat step, but in 10-second intervals. (Make sure to reset power each time.)

TIP: The key to melting chocolate I have found is to do it slowly. Raise the heat too high, too fast and your chocolate will "seize", in other words, burn, in which it is useless.

7b. Let's melt one color of chocolate wafers at a time. Choose one and place the whole package in one of the durable, sealable plastic bags, but keep back open. Set the microwave to 50% power and set the time for 1:10 minutes. Once cycle complete, remove bag and knead the chocolate. It will not be completely melted yet. It will become softer. Return it to the microwave and again set for 50% power and now in 20-second intervals. Remove and knead again. Repeat 20-second intervals until liquid and reaches runny conistency.

8. Transfer Chocolate to Bottles: Now it's time to transfer the chocolate into the squeeze bottles. The easiest technique I've discovered so far is to remove cap from one bottle and stand it on end. Cut one corner of the bag and place it into the opened bottle. Squeeze the chocolate down into the bottle much like you would squeeze toothpaste onto your toothbrush.

9. Place Bottles in Pot of Warm Water: Once all chocolate is in the bottle, recap it and place in pot of warm water. Then repeat melting steps with all colors before proceeding to next decorating step.

Chocolate Decorating Techniques: St Patrick's Day Rice Crispy Treats

Various Chocolate Decorated St Patricks Day Rice Crispy Treats

Various Chocolate Decorated St Patricks Day Rice Crispy Treats

There are two ways in which you could decorate these treats.

  • 1. Uniform treats: all the same treats, takes much less time.
  • 2. Sets of Different Treats: many different versions with different designs: this will take much longer to complete

TIP:Whichever you choose you must follow the decorating steps allowing the chocolate to set before moving on. In order to add toppings the chocolate must be wet. In order to combine techniques and create details within the same treat you must let the chocolate dry before moving to the next technique or you will create a mess.

Separating Treats for Various Designs

Below are some beautiful, appetizing decorating techniques with all the chocolates previously discusses as well as the other ingredients.

If you choose to make many different designs then separate a portion of treats on different dishes in which to create a different design per dish, for example:

  • One dish for shamrock treats with Oreo™ bottom and green flood tops
  • Another dish for a set with all green colored sugar tops
  • Another with green colored sugar covered cauldrens with piped shamrock designs.

The list is endless. The work station picture above shows how I divided up different sets for various techniques.

If you have any questions please feel free to use the Contact Us tab on the left to send them in and we will respond within 48 hours.

Technique Combination Guide

Mix and match techniques from this list. Come up with more techniques to add to your list.

Combination of Decorating Techniques List

Covers: Background(top), Bottom

  • Dark Chocolate Flood
  • Colored Chocolate Flood (light green, dark green)
  • Colored Sugars on Chocolate Flood
  • Crushed Oreos™


  • Piped Details (plain)
  • Piped Details (covered with colored sugar)
  • Wet Flood on Wet Flood (different colors of chocolate blended together)

Extras: add appearance and flavor

  • Crushed Hard Mint Candy Sprinkles
  • Borders
  • Combination of Covers: both top and bottom, example, chocolate flood background and Crushed Oreo™ bottom

Covers: background (top, bottom)

Colored Sugar Top on Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats

Colored Sugar Top on Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats

Technique #1: Colored Sugars on Chocolate Flood

Choose the chocolate by flavor since you won't see it once it is covered with the colored sugar. Again have colored sugar close by.

***The sugar could affect the taste, taking away from the tast of the underlying chocolate depending on the type of sugar crystals you use. I made my own. I dyed turbinado sugar, which is similar to brown sugar and it did take away from the taste of the chocolate, but I liked the big size of the crystals. Colored sugars bought in stores won't have as distinct taste as the turbinado.


  1. Squeeze border around edge of treat, let set a few seconds- the border will contain the chocolate flood
  2. Fill in outline, start from top edge and work down to bottom until entire treat is covered
  3. While chocolate is wet, immediately sprinkle colored sugar with your fingers
  4. Place on empty tray to allow chocolate to set

Brief Description tp Create Other Covers

Chocolate Flood: you must tap the treat on a tray to create an even surface after adding the flood.

Crushed Oreos™: Same as adding colored sugars. Add crushed cookies to wet flood.

Piped Details

Smoking Pipe on Shamrock

Smoking Pipe on Shamrock

Some piped details ideas:

  • Shamrocks (yes, shamrocks on shamrocks)
  • Smoking Leprechaun Pipes
  • Diamonds
  • Gold Coins
  • Leprechaun Derby Hats
  • The number 17, for the date

Piped designs create depth to your treat. The details stick above the surface of the rest of the treat to give it that 3D appearance and give you something extra to bite into. These are just a few ideas, let your imagination run wild.

Key Points
  • Colors: Change up the colors; light green shamrocks, dark green smoking pipes, gold diamonds, etc.
  • Multiple Designs on One Treat: be creative, create one big piped shamrock in the middle of a treat (shamrock or cauldron treat); create many tiny designs, one shamrock on each shamrock leaf and in the middle; or mix it up, smoking pipe in the middle and shamrocks on each leaf
  • Adding Colored Sugars or Crushed Oreos™ Background: create designs first, let set to dry, next create border, add flood then sugar or Oreos™
  • Chocolate Floods: Add flood first then designs.

I'll just explain how to do one Piped Design technique below.

Technique #1: Shamrock


  1. Outline of Bottom Left Leaf, Fill Outline
  2. Outline of Top Left Leaf, Fill Outline
  3. Outline of Top Right Leaf, Fill Outline
  4. Outline of Bottom Right Leaf, Fill it
  5. Stem (Curve to Right)

Description: Create outline of leaves first. With squeeze bottle create an outline of one entire leaf facing down to the left, next add a leaf on top facing to the left, then the leaf facing up to the right and finally the leaf facing down to the right. Add the stem either completely straight or curve it to one side.

Finish all clovers for each treat. Move to next treat. Once all clover outlines have been added for each set of treats and have dried go back and fill with that color.

Return squeeze bottle back to pot and choose next color. Repeat same steps as above.

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