Teacher Gifts Get Great Marks!

Giant Apple Rice Crispy Treat Puzzle

Teacher gifts are a great way to say thank you for all their hard work and dedication for the success of our children.

What would we do without teachers?

A great teacher appreciation gift is one way of doing that.

Maybe it's the end of the school year, maybe it's coming up on a holiday. Either way you would like to express your gratitude towards some true national heroes, whether they're in Australia, Canada, India, the UK or the US.

Teachers around the world play a big part in the future success of the world.

Let's do something to show our appreciation. What can you do?

Gift Ideas for Teachers

There are many different occasions and reasons to give teacher gifts and here are just a few.

Teacher Appreciation Gift

They invest so much time and effort into the well-being of our children. Let's express our gratitude towards them with some tasty teacher gifts.

  • An apple pie with the message, "You pass my test," in frosting.
  • Cupcakes decorated with different grades on them. Here in the US you would have the various good grades, "A, A+, B" and so on.
  • A red velvet cake with "Best Math Teacher Ever."
  • A great weekend gift to say, "Thanks," is with those big boxes of movie theater candy from www.metrocandy.com. Then your son or daughter's favorite teacher can sit back and relax at home on a Saturday night watching his or her favorite movie with some yummy candy. They'll get the home theater experience without having to spend the outrageous theater prices. Buy in bulk to make many teachers happy.
  • Unique Teacher's Cookie Box Gift(shown below):

    Another very unique idea from Mrs. Fields Gifts is this unique Teacher's Favorite Box with tasty cookies inside. The box adds a nice twist to the presentation of the cookies gift and makes a great decoration for the classroom.

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Personalized Homemade Teacher Gifts

Show how much you care for you son or daughter's teacher by creating your own deluxe sweets gifts that relate to their hobbies or interests.

  • If Mrs. Webb has posters or ornaments of sea mammals in her room, then make a vanilla cake shaped like a dolphin and covered with blue frosting.
  • Mr. Price may be a sports enthusiast, then make him a personalized sugar cookies of his favorite team's logo.
  • Maybe Mrs. Jones collects cat figurines, then make her some cat decorated cupcakes a cat decorated chocolate apple.
  • Personalized cupcakes decorated after the subject they teach or sugar cookies shaped after their subject.

Candy Apples

End of the Year Teacher Gifts

It's said to say goodbye, but let's make this a positive moment. Say thank you one more time.

  • Take some candy apples and write the message, "I know that you're supposed to bring an apple to the teacher, but since I forgot all year here's a
    the upgraded version. Thanks
    for everything Mrs White. I'll miss you."
  • Give her something that will decorate her desk for next year by giving her a desktop gumball machine with the message, "Every time I thought of a reason to be thankful for all you've done for me Mrs. Patel I put a gumball into the machine. As you can see I have a lot to thank you about."
  • Tabletop M&Ms Antique Candy Dispenser(shown below):

    Lighten up their classroom and great for kitchen too. This beautiful functional decoration brings enjoyment for many years. He or she can reward their students for good performance.

Christmas Gifts for Teachers

It's right before break and you haven't gotten anything for your kids' teacher. Rather than searching for something for each one just bake them some delicious, deluxe sweets.

  • Homemade Christmas sugar cookies or gingerbread men
  • Christmas cupcakes
  • Buckeyes (homemade candy gifts made of peanut butter balls covered in chocolate)
  • Homemade white chocolate bark with bits of candy cane mixed in
  • Cookie Gifts and Cookie Jars:

    Mrs. Fields Gifts are specialists in all things cookies. They offer some attractively packaged new Fall and holiday items gifts including, frosted cookies in beautifully ordained cookie jars.

  • Homemade chocolate candies made from molds that come in different shapes

Favorite Teacher Gifts

Every child has one and is very eager to learn from them. So let's give him or her some much deserved recognition.

  • A mug with a design of their favorite animal, hobby or of any of their interests filled with chocolate covered pretzels.
  • Chocolate Covered and Caramel Apples:

    The apple is the old-fashioned teachers gift, but how 'bout a tricked-out, gourmet chocolate or caramel covered apple. Hannah's Caramel Apples has some eye-popping choices to show your child's teacher she or he is more than ordinary. What I like about Hannah's is they offer a variety of combinations of different kinds of chocolate with different toppings like M&Ms, Butterfinger bits to their popular S'mores Apples. Not only that they are affordable too so you could get a few different teachers some scrumptious candy gifts. They even offer attractive packages for your teacher gifts. You can purchase just one apple or one of each of many different flavors. Just don't lick the screen! I'm telling you, they look good!

  • Candy sushi served on a Japanese style dish with a small cup of chocolate dipping sauce.

Decorative Mug with Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Gifts for Principals

The "father" or "mother" of the school. The kids look up to them and although they may not teach a subject in a classroom, they teach our kids respect, order and responsability. That's not forget our principals.

  • A plastic gift bag of chocolate covered nuts or coffee beans placed in a decorative mug, it's a two-fer, two gifts in one.
  • A plastic gift bag of gourmet jelly beans in a decorative mug.
  • A plastic bag of gourmet green apple licorice inside a decorative paper gift bag.

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