Valentines Candy Gifts

So you've considered homemade Valentines candy gifts? And
you've decided to make chocolate covered strawberries, but you want to add a twist to your delightful berry treats, right? I think that's a great idea. Chocolate dipped strawberries are a true gourmet delicasy and make fantastic Valentines candy gifts. And nothing is more special than a handmade candy gift for a romantic occasion. Taking your chocolate covered strawberries to the next level will be fun. You can add more flavor, texture and decoration all at once.

There is a large variety of ways to add flavor and flare to your Valentines candy gifts, in fact, the list is endless- so no need to be perfect. First, start out with a recipe for chocolate covered strawberries. The key to getting the best results is to set up the work area in a clean and organized way. Have all the ingredients at your finger tips and separated into small groups. Then check out this sample list of things you can try:


Sprinkle or dip the strawberries into

-mini chocolate chips (white, milk or white- I think dark is best to go with the tartness of the berry)

-finely chopped nuts

-ground chocolate cookies (preferably Oreos)

-ground graham crackers (regular or cinnamon)

-sea salt (yes, that's right, the salty taste contrasts well with the strawberry)

-crushed peppermint candies

-other flavors of crushed hard candies

-mini gummy candy dots

TIP: do this while the chocolate is still wet

Chocolate Drizzle and Swirls

Why not combine different kinds of chocolate? Once the first layer of chocolate has set and is hardened, drizzle other types of chocolate over your berries including different colors of chocolate coating wafers like red and pink to go with the holiday. For a swirl effect you could either dip a strawberry coated with wet chocolate into another type and twist it. Remove it from the chocolate and let the excess chocolate drip off, lightly shake.

Caramel And Chocolate

YUM! My preferred way. Before dipping the strawberry into the chocolate dip it in melted caramel. Read the melting instructions on the back of the bag of caramel candies. Once caramel has hardened follow the recipe for chocolate dipped strawberries.

Candy Flavorings

You can add a unique taste to your chocolate from raspberry to coffee and the list goes on. Candy flavorings are oil based and will not let your chocolate seize (basically ruin it). They come in tiny bottles and can be purchased at your local baking supply store or online. Try they have a good selection.

The Grande Finale

This is where you have the real fun with your Valentines candy gifts. Mix and match many different techniques. Check out this list:

-Chocolate Caramel Covered Dipped in Mini Chocolate Chips

-White and Dark Chocolate Swirl Coated with Sea Salt

-Raspberry Flavored Milk Chocolate Covered Dipped in Crushed Oreos

-Dark Chocolate Covered Coated with Coarsely Ground Pecans Dipped in Milk Chocolate

-Large Strawberries Covered in Dark Chocolate with Candy Valentine Hearts stuck to the sides

-Dark Chocolate Covered Dipped in Cinnamon and Brown Sugar

The list could go on and on. Be creative and have fun with your Valentines candy gifts. To keep it simple and to save time make several of the same kind or if you have extra time make a variety, kind of like a box of gourmet chocolates except chocolate dipped strawberries.

Happy Valentines Day