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Hello fans this is Rick again, owner of, and today we have another special guest Liliana Petrich de Marquesini. She lives in the UK, but was born in Mendoza, Argentina where they make some of the best wines in the world. She is the owner of the website . Liliana has both lived and traveled to many, many different countries throughout the world and experienced many delicious world recipes from many different cultures. An avid cook herself she provides you with homemade recipes made from scratch such as enchiladas and tacos from Mexico, empanadas from Argentina, mint and green tea from Morocco (if you haven’t tried this you must, we have great Moroccan mint tea in EPCOT nearby), tiramisu from Italy as well as many others. Since here at we focus on sweets let’s talk about desserts and how this whole website even came about. She may even be generous enough to share one of her favorite desserts. We’ll see… Liliana how did you come up with the idea of making your website about eating around the world and sharing some of the best world recipes? Was it your idea or did someone suggest it to you? I learnt to appreciate good food at a very young age because my mum is a great cook. Her favourite book was "El libro de Doña Petrona“, that was much more than a recipe book, it was an encyclopaedia full of good advice for the women of those years. The recipes in that book were quite rich and elaborate, and I think I got my cake ideas from that influence. At home, my mum would serve all sort of “exotic” dishes, surely inspired by Doña Petrona, and we, her children, we were not allowed to leave the plate unfinished! Her day started with a visit to our local fresh market where very often she would order in advance some “rarity” to be brought for her, and she will transform it into a delicious dish. With that background, and having later the chance to travel extensively, I always try the local food and the region´s dishes wherever I go, always willing to experience new ingredients or novel ways of cooking the familiar ingredients. If I have the choice when being abroad, I will never eat a dish that I could eat in my city! Over the time, I have collected many recipes and inspirations from all parts of the world. Since now I live far away from my hometown, and thinking in a way of sharing those recipes with my friends and family back home, I came up with the idea of having my own website. And also, it has become a very handy way for my two older boys (and their friends!), living away from home, to have an easy access to the recipes that have become part of my family, so they can prepare them as well, wherever they are.

DSCG.comWhat is your favorite memory of eating a dessert world recipes in a restaurant? Which country, what was the dessert, what did you like most about the dish, what was the restaurant like?

BTETFR: The list would be endless! What I can mention is my most shocking dessert experience! It was in Singapore, the name of the dessert was something like Ice Kachang. I was in an outdoor hawker centre (a sort of a square full of tables, surrounded by stalls providing food of the most diverse kind; you order the food from the different stalls and it is brought to your table). The Ice Kachang happened to be a combination of crushed ice of very artificial-looking colours, “improved” by the addittion of kidney beans, sweetcorn, and evaporated milk. It was not sweet at all and I couldn´t find a single reason to include it into the category of desserts, unless we consider the colours as desserty...The rest of the food at that hawker centre was superb though... In your opinion which country in the world offers the best tasting desserts? Which dessert world recipes do you like the most?

BTETFR.comIn my opinion, some of the best desserts were originated in Italy. They are rich and sweet, but they use to incorporate other contrasting flavours to accentuate, and at the same time to make more “tolerable”, the sweetness. I cannot think of Italian desserts without thinking of Tiramisu. What was a surprise for me was the fact that this dessert is very “recent”. I even contacted “Loli” Linguanotto, its creator, and he was very encouraging, even adding a supporting comment on my page on Tiramisu. I was thrilled! What are your top three dessert world recipes that you personally like to prepare?

  1. Lemon and Savoiardi Dessert”. It is a family favourite. I made this dessert for my husband´s (to be) 18th birthday, and also for my son´s 18th birthday following his request! It is always present in our especial occasions.
  2. Flan, I think this is my dessert for default! I have done it literally hundreds of times, since I was about 8 years old... 
  3. Apricot and Cherry Upside-down cake unassuming and delicious. Inspired on a children´s recipe book. That easy it is! In regards to world recipes I have Italian roots so I would like to ask you about gelato. Which do you prefer gelato or ice cream? What are the major differences between the two? I definitely prefer gelato. Gelato is less fatty but creamier, usually made from fresher ingredients, more tasteful, yum! In my website, I have included a more detailed comparison between gelato and ice cream, you could access it through this link: Gelato What’s your favorite gelato flavor? My favourite gelato flavour is mango Would you be so kind as to share a gelato recipe with us?                    World Recipes

Mango Gelato


For 4-5 servings

  • 300 ml milk*
  • 300 ml cream*
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 200g of mango puree (bought as mango pulp or made out of fresh ripe mangoes)

Note*: if you want the very creamy version of this recipe, go for whole milk and double cream. Otherwise, make you own combination of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk and single cream, or even forget the cream altogether and only use the milk of your choice. I personally prefer the combination of semi-skimmed milk and double cream, ummmm...

You don’t need an ice cream or gelato machine, although I am sure they must be of great help. Myself, I made my gelato by hand. I only make sure to stir the mix once in the freezer every 20-30 minutes until settled.


-Pour the milk, the cream and half the sugar in a saucepan at a low heat until just about to boil, stirring with a wooden spoon. Remove the saucepan from the heat and leave it to chill until just warm.

-Meanwhile, beat the rest of the sugar and the yolks until creamy and lighter using an electric mixer.

-Once the milk mixture is warm (or at least, not hot enough to cook the yolks!) add the creamy yolks into it and mix until all homogeneous and foamy.

-Take the mixture again to a low heat. This part can be a bit tricky, so do not neglect the mixture at this stage! Keep stirring the mix slowly and continuously until the mix start getting thicker. The trick is to wait until thick (when it can slightly coat the wooden spoon) but before boiling (otherwise, the eggs will curdle). Once thickened, remove from heat and transfer to a mixing bowl to cool down in the fridge. The mixture should look homogeneous, but if not, consider passing the mix through a fine sieve. If you followed the instructions carefully, you shouldn’t need to. 

-Add the mango puree and mix thoroughly.

-Once the mixture looks thicker and is completely chilled, transfer to a gelato (or ice cream) maker and follow its instructions, or cover and take to the freezer making sure to stir it every 20-30 minutes until settled. Remember to remove it from the freezer 10-15 minutes before serving, since gelato must have a soft and creamy texture, never a solid frozen one!

-Now you have a mango gelato, that is delicious on its own, or serve with fresh berries, fruit sauces, or as the base for a more elaborate cup or dessert.

For more flavours and suggestions, check out this link for some more great world recipes: More Gelato Recipes Now what about cake? What’s one of your favorite cake world recipes? What do you like most about it? There is a cake, or I should say a cake base, I make over and over, not only because I love it, but because every time I ask around what cake people want, the answer is always “your chocolate cake”. It is very versatile; it can be served for tea just covered in Dulce de Leche, or turn into a big thing for great events. It can be filled with different layers, decorated in many ways and adjust to many occasions, but what is invariable is the magical taste of the chocolate sponge  made very moist with the port flavoured syrup. For a simple and fuss-free cake, make 2 layers: cover them with dulce de leche or dulce de leche and chopped walnuts. For something a bit more elaborated, cover one of them with dulce de leche/walnuts, and another layer with Chantilly Cream and strawberries. To decorate, just choose from dulce de leche, walnuts, chocolate chips, melted chocolate, etc, or decorate with Chantilly Cream and strawberries. Your guest’s ´approval is guaranteed! We appreciate you taking the time to share some interesting stories, information and tasty world recipes with us today. Why don’t you take the opportunity to share with our fans what your site can offer them? My website is mainly about world recipes from across the globe that I have had the pleasure of tasting while traveling. It also includes interesting stories, comments related to the places I have visited, their culture, their weather, and how these factors contribute to their regional cuisine, to better appreciate and understand it. Thank you so much Lili we look forward to hearing from you again.

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